Should I be mad

  1. Okay I ordered the MC charms bracelet and had it shipped to me. Well, I received and open it today and the bracelet is missing a charm. Well, I call 866 and they didn't even offer to refund shipping or pay for my shipping to return it. It really actually pisses me off but I don't know if I am over-reacting ( mean it's just shipping but it;s the fact they THEY sent me a bracelet missing something!). The man on the phone actually had a bit of an attitude as I heave heard of the Charms missing a charm before. Should I get mad or just let it go!?!
  2. I would be mad, can you bring it into a store? That's what I would do....and if they don't have a replacement have them tranfer one if for you, instead of shipping it to you. I usually prefer to do that when possible...saves shipping too.
  3. i would be bloody mad! you spent your money on the bracelet and now its missing a charm? people have guts these dayss..
  4. Uh, I would have said "What are you going to do about this?" and then just waited for an answer that was acceptable.

    Tell them to send a call tag for the bracelet because you are not going to pay for shipping again, and then again. Also tell them to overnight you the new one for your time and trouble. Don't ask....tell.
  5. you are CERTAINLY entitled to be mad! Shipping can add up to other purchases! :yes: more than that, it is the principle of it. they should be apologizing up and down to YOU, replacing the bracelet, AND reimbursing you all shipping costs. heck, old navy does that for $24 jeans!
  6. I would just let it go. Can you return it to a store and get another one?
  7. Yes, I personally think that you are indeed entitled to be mad! :yes:
  8. I would be annoyed, really more at the attitude. They should try to make the situation right as quickly and easily as possible for you.
  9. Okay. I called the store here in Houston and they have it in stock. The reason I didn't go there in the first place though was because I didn't have tht time. It's just annoying really. I mean I seriously spend a fortune through LV and elux and I have never been treated like this. The guy acted like I was LYING when I heard of other bracelets missing the charm. He was like, "um, no I haven't heard anything." In a really snotty tone.

    Honestly I almost didn't even notice it. I wonder if others are walking around with a missing charm without even noticing it!?!
  10. I know you're probably mad, but try not to stress over it. They will take care of it, I'm sure. I would take it to your nearest store, if you have one, and ask that they help you. If not, I would call lv and do what tr444 said, TELL them to overnight it. I can't wait to see pics of it when you get it replaced!
  11. Ok, so disregard my post. You were typing while I was typing:upsidedown:
  12. Thats is exactly the reason why I don't deal with 1-866-PUPON- because they can be rude and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. I think sometimes when they know your peeve'd they try to see what other buttons they can push. I will only do business with my SA and if the store does not have it then the SA finds it, transfer's it and then sends it to me. For me it eliminates the stress factor..:flowers:
  13. UGH that would make me mad as ...well just mad! I hope the store works things out for you.
    Did you by any chance get the guy's name? Maybe you can call back and speak to a supervisor to inform her of his attitude!
  14. Yes, I did happen to catch his name. Trust me, I am an uber Bit*h when I want to be. I need to calm down though before calling so that I can voice my concerns properly without too much emotions and cussing! LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I'd be irritated with his attitude, and prolly even more irritated of having to go to my local LV store out of my way to hopefully get it fixed.