Should I be mad & fight for this? (About shoes & dustbags)

  1. For the longest time I've been wanting a pair of cambon flats. I ordered them two weeks ago and after I didn't receive them for a while I went to the Nordstrom to ask about my order. Turns out they cancelled it and the SA never called me to tell me that so I was like okay fine I'll order them now.

    So I get the shoes today and I was happy until I discovered the dustbags were missing! I dont' know what to do! I spent so much money on these shoes and for the dustbags to be missing ruins it for me. I really want the dustbags darn it. Any advice on what to do?

  2. Plus I was told these were the last ones in my size in the company :sad:
  3. get the dustbags, I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting them.
  4. Call and tell them you want the dustbag. They should be able to get it for you from another Chanel shoe box.
  5. Call Nordstrom and demand some dust bags. The shoe dust bags are the same for all of their shoes so they can just take them from another box, they don't need to be from cambon flats.
  6. Will they really do that for me? I'm afraid they'll say no and say "oh they're missplaced all the time." :-\
  7. ^YEP..they oughtta do that for u.
    IF they dont..lMK....i have a ton of them I dont use.Id be happy to give u them if u need them.
  8. I do understand why you feel like this way, I have brought many things from Heathrow and only ever got one box, its abit remiss of them not to give the complete package.
  9. Don't ask them for the dust bags, tell them forgot to include them and you want them. Be polite but very firm. Don't let them tell you anything, YOU tell THEM.
  10. I am sure they will give them to you if you ask, they have tons of them laying around... If they don't, please let me know - I don't use mine and can send you as many as you need...
  11. i bought a pair of CLs off a sale and my SA left the dust bag out. i rang her up to tell her that and she kept aside one for me. these expensive shoes should come with their dust bags and of course you're entitled to your rights of having them. give them a call, don't feel shy or embarrassed because that's their mistake and you shouldn't be the one suffering on their behalf!

  12. i agree:tup:
  13. Its Nordstrom - They'll definitely do it. They have the best customer service, and not just for special customers. I buy certain things there as a rule b/c returns, problems are so easy.
  14. Just call customer service, be polite and say that you ordered the shoes and when you got the package, you noticed they had not included dust bags and that you would like if they could get them for you.

    This happened to me once when I ordered some shoes from Saks and it just wasn't a big issue. They overnighted the dust bags at no charge and apologized.
  15. ITA with DD101:yes:Congrats on your new cambon flats too!:smile: