Should I be irritated?

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  1. Yesterday, as I was checking my email at work, I saw a workshop that was being held at the local community college for high school guidance counselors, which I am one. Looked pretty interesting, until I saw the date-the Friday before spring break, which is an optional workday. I don't do optional workdays. Later on, the chair of the department, informs me and my co-worker that she already took the liberty of signing us up for the workshop. My co-worker told her that it was a workday, then the chair says we can take off after the workshop ends.
    I really feel like I should have been consulted. This is my first year as a counselor, I had been a classroom teacher for 13 years. I have never had someone making these kind of decisions for me. It is proving to be a difficult adjustment.
  2. Can't you tell her that you already made plans that can't be broken & that you'd appreciate it if she consulted you beforehand next time? She's crossing boundaries.
  3. Can you ask for comp time on another day if you are indeed "forced" to go to the workshop. I am a teacher too. If we were paid for all the hours we worked we'd be rich.
  4. I'll be paid that isn't the issue. I just don't appreciate having decisions made like this for me when I can take a day without students being there.
  5. That's just what I would say..."Oh my, I wish you had asked first, I already have plans, and I am sorry they can't be changed".....she doesn't need to know that your plans were sleeping in until noon and longing in your PJs all day ;)
  6. tell her you have family/religious oriented commitments
  7. I agree!:yahoo: