Should I be insulted???

  1. This weekend I found a suade soho duffle in amethyst. I really loved the bag and got a very good deal on it. Well, I carried it today and a friend of mine asked me what made me decide to carry a cheap bag. I was stunned. I never thought this bag looked cheap in any way. Well, when I didn't really say anything, she tried to cover by saying that I have other bags that are obviously expensive bags and if someone didn't know anything about bags they would assume this one was cheap (like that helped at all!). The rest of the evening she kept talking about the bag and eventually said that it was probably just the color that turned her off. Anyway, should I be insulted??? Obviously, what she said was tactless. :cursing:
  2. Just ignore her, she's probably just insulting you because she's jealous of your purses.
    I'm sorry she was so unfriendly. Unless asked point blank what they thought of my purses, I don't think that people should criticize.
    She was just completely tactless.
  3. It sounds like she realized she had been rude to imply that your bag was cheap and in trying to cover she just dug herself in deeper. I wouldn't let it get in the way of your friendship, unless she does this all the time or if she starts doing it all the time. It boils down to jealousy, BTW.
  4. Don't let others spoil your new bag joy. Someone once made some comments on a patchwork bag of mine, that I love. I decided that I wouldn't let their poor manners change my feelings towards my bag. Congrats on the suede duffle, I love the amethyst, post a picture!
  5. How rude. This person is your friend?
  6. Absolutely rude & horrible! I would be annoyed!
  7. I would have looked at her bag and asked the same question. or possibly looked at her bag and made the comment "I didn't want you to feel inadequate"....but I'm rude:roflmfao:
  8. That is too funny. I will have to keep that in mind. She does carry really horrible bags.:roflmfao:
  9. That was rude of her to say. That bag and color is gorgeous. As long as you like it, that's what counts.
  10. Well, I am going to just let it go. What she said was rude beyond beleif, but I shouldn't really take someone who carries a small picnic basket as a purse very seriously. I love the bag so that is all that matters.
  11. :roflmfao: HAHAHA, sorry. I would have made "Little red riding hood" comments about her picnic basket....the world is full of haters...I manage a Coach store and have a huge friend does not own one authentic Coach....she goes downtown L.A. and buys them and constantly berates me for my bags....but really she's just hating on the fact that I have them. And I'm OKAY with that, because I inturn make fun of her "GOACH".
  12. You should let it go. I would be annoyed too, but if she's normally a good friend, this isn't something to stay mad about. It sounds like she realized her faux pas and kept blabbing because she knew she offended you. I'm sure she made that first comment without thinking.
  13. She is probably jealous. If she carries very expensive bags like Hermes, i may be insulted. But, she should not make comments on your bags when her's may not be any better. Besides, the color is beautiful!
  14. Ignore her comments and carry your Coach bag proudly!:yes:
  15. well i think she said it out of jealousy. good job being the bigger person and just ignoring her.