Should I be getting a Olympe in Beige or Ecru

  1. Em.. I have been thinking lately.. I didnt get the Nimbus or Stratus because a friend of mine was kind of bragging too much abt the Nimbus she bought..

    But the more I look at it the more I love it.. I even have already put my name down for the new Nimbus... I am not sure if I should still be getting it at the end of the season but it is the kind of a bag that I might regret if I miss out.. !!

    Should I get a stratus (sp??) ??

    Thanks ladies !!
  2. i have the Stratus PM in Ecru, and i think it's prettier than the Beige because it has little pink undertones in it. the Beige looks a little flat
  3. Def! Go for it and post us the pics :smile:
  4. i love the has more depth than the ecru and i think it's easier to pair up with outfits. definitely get one before they are gone in those colors.
  5. I'm not much help because I like both colors. :yes:
  6. Should I be getting a Olympe Yes!!!
    in Beige or Ecru can't go wrong with either :lol: no help at all, am I ?
  7. I prefer the ecru
  8. I am planning on getting one too! I am hoping to find a beige one....I think it is a color that can be worn year round and goes with everything!!! But I'll take ecru if it's all they have LOL
  9. ECRU

    it goes with black or white and all the colors in between!!!
  10. Haaa.. I havent tell DBF yet.. em.. I have just got 2 pochette and a neo cabby this week..!!

    And now I am looking forward to buying a Stratus PM ... haha.. I will go check it out tomorrow.. and decide on which one I want.. em.. tough decision!! ( I might wait till the weekend when DBF is free, but no harm trying it on first and put it on hold right , heee .. it will give me sometime to think )

    Thanks for all your replies :smile:

    Sorry I forgot to include Gents in my first post :p

    Thanks everyone.. !!
  11. i like the Ecru better
  12. Ecru is a gorgeous... but beige is ok too! :p
  13. Ecru...I think the Beige looks dirty.
  14. get the Ecru it's pretty...^^^agree...
  15. I vote ecru!