Should I be freaked out?

  1. I'm emailing the seller the following:

    Does this sound okay?
  2. I'm sorry this is freaking you out! I would be too, but I'm not quite sure if you should jump to conclusions so quickly...maybe the seller has two and is just reusing the same auction details? Maybe you can wait a couple of days to receive the bag? I'm not sure how long it will take to ship to you, but I'm hoping the seller is legit. Good luck to you!

    ETA: If you need to go ahead and email the seller, I would leave out the last part about fakes running rampant on eBay. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation. The first part of the msg is very nice and diplomatic.
  3. It's a possibility. But what has be suspicious is that 99% of the Tokidoki appeal is print placement, since no two bags are alike -- so sellers are sure to take pictures of the exact bag that's being sold, so bidders can see if their favorite characters/scenes are on it. That's kind of a red flag.

    AAAAAH I hope there is a better explanation for this.
  4. OIC! I hadn't taken that into consideration as I don't own any TokiDoki, although my younger cousin is HUGE fan! Like I said, I guess I would email the seller with the top portion of the email you quoted earlier. I do hope things work out for you!!
  5. I think your email is fine. You're not accusing the seller of anything - just offering an explanation why you're concerned. And yes, I think you should be concerned since it's the same bag and listing.
  6. Well, I sent it (I rewrote the second part to make it a bit nicer) and am now hoping for a response. I got an email from her yesterday with a confirmation code for shipping -- is it too soon to try tracking it on USPS?
  7. You can certainly try tracking it now. But don't be surprised if it doesn't show up yet. I've had some tracking numbers that didn't show on the USPS system until it was listed as delivered.:rolleyes:
  8. Yeah, I tried it now and got

    Label/Receipt Number: CP16 8780 660U S

    There is no record of this item.

    Why Are You Receiving This Message?

    1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later.

    2. The number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter all of the letters and numbers as they appear on your mailing label or receipt.
  9. yeah USPS tracking is a joke. Goodluck with your toki doki!
  10. USPS offers delivery confirmation not tracking, it doesn't show up until the item is delivered.

    Paypal will now let you print a scan sheet that you take to the PO with your packages and they scan it...instead of the normal "we have been notified electronically......" It will show the date and time you drop the package off at the post office. But it is still not tracking
  11. i hope everything is ok and you get the stellina pictured. i dont know what is going on with listing the same pics, maybe they have a few stellinas and use the same photos? who knows but if you get it and it is not as pictured or fake then contact them or open a dispute. weird how they have no feedback as well.
  12. vkitty, another tpfer and i were talking about that same seller. she bought something too and had her concerns! i'm going to email her and give her this thread so she can post what she's experiencing. i know she's waiting for a bag too. i know she said the seller came back with something like, it's not even her bags, it's someone else's. She asked to see more pictures but she asked her to post her ebay user id with it so we know it's legit.
  13. Tell her you want to see pictures of the actual bag you'll be receiving (front, back sides..etc) and tell her to write on a piece of paper her ebay name and place it next to the bags...
  14. That doesn't look like a valid USPS tracking number to me, but I could be wrong, if you don't receive it in the next couple days- open a claim with paypal indicating you didn't receive it. Do it before the seller closes their paypal account- since they are a new seller, I would be careful.