Should I be embarrassed to wear this inspired bag? Poll


Would you view someone negatively for using this bag?

  1. No - they probably just like the design and not pretending to have a real bag

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  2. Yes - they are trying to pass it off as real, can't afford the real thing etc

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  1. I love the design of the classic flap but don't want to spend that much money. I saw this inspired bag on Amazon and it has loads of great reviews, is real leather etc.
    It has no CC logo and I won't be pretending to have an authentic if anyone asks, but I don't want people/strangers to see and judge me badly and think I'm trying to pass off a fake bag or pretend to be something I'm not. Would you think that if you saw someone wearing this bag? I'm actually hoping most people won't recognise this bag as chanel, as I read the reissue bag is very understated.
    Opinions welcome please! be honest, I won't be offended.
  2. If people/strangers see you and judge, that's their problem. Not yours.
    At the end of the day, a purse is an item that holds your other belongings no matter what brand it is or how much it costs. If that's what you like, then go for it. You shouldn't be embarrassed to carry ANYTHING.

    I just saw another post about wanting to purchase a CC cosmetic pouch because her husband was sick of seeing her pull makeup out from a ziplock baggie. I personally think traveling with a ziplock baggie is perfect since makeup can spill, so why ruin a cosmetic pouch that is 1000x the cost?
  3. I personally would not get it.
    Either I get the Chanel Reissue if i love the design or if not i will got another nice bag but doesn’t resemble the Chanel .
  4. What about getting a Rebecca Minkoff Large Affair? That way it is similar enough to have the things you like in the bag, but a known brand.
  5. Since you are asking here are my thoughts. I personally wouldn't judge you, regardless of what bag you are carrying. I have seen plenty of people carrying fakes and haven't thought anything about them as people. On the other side, I have seen others carrying very expensive bags and putting on airs, etc. The bags themselves are just objects.....but what does not sit well with me is supporting people who make and sell these fakes and that is what you are doing when you buy a bag like this. It is a personal decision and there was a time in my life when I admired beautiful, high end bags, but they were out of my price range. I looked, day-dreamed, then walked away and bought the best bag I could within my price range. In my life, the progression has looked like this, more or less. From Target to Rebecca Minkoff to Tory Burch to Isabella Fiore to Prada and Balenciaga to Chanel. Good luck with your decision. :heart:
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  6. Wow cant believe how judgemental people are looking at the poll :noworry:
    Get what you love darling!
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  7. It's a knock-off of a Chanel reissue, which also doesn't have the traditional CC lock. Please support the original designers and not the cheap copies. By buying this, you may also be supporting unethical labor practices. Wait for the real thing. It will be so much more special!
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  8. I see these bags all the time where I live and work - quilted designs with turn closures that look like Chanel, but I only know that because I love Chanel. To everyone else you'll just have a nice bag on. If you like it and it's in your budget, give it a try. It'd be a great test way to see if you'd really like the flap or not.:flowers:
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  9. I agree with Dextersmom 100%. I wouldn’t judge you, but from my past experiences of seeing a knock off look a like or fake I just note to myself “fake” or “what brand is it now trying to look like a Chanel, a LV, a Hermès?”. It’s up to you really on how you would feel about carrying this bag and if you would care if someone who knows their brands gave you and your bag a once over and then a look. Would it make you feel self conscious about carrying this bag or would you not care at all? It sounds like since you’re asking it would bother you. As Dextersmom mentioned, there are so many great brands out there at a lower price point and are truly great handbags. You can find many threads on fake luxury goods and all the illegal activities that goes along with the money made from them. The bag shown whether they say “real leather” or not is nothing more than a knock off of the truly beautiful Chanel Reissue. Maybe look at Fashionphile, Yoogiscloset, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, etc.. if you truly want a real Chanel, but don’t want to spend the money on a new Chanel. There’s nothing wrong with preloved. Only being honest because you said you could take it. Good luck on your decision.
  10. I dislike the idea of replicating other designers products. There is nothing wrong with buying a bag that is less expensive but why do they have to copy? Buy a nice Coach bag or several other very nice but less expensive brands that actually have their own ideas. The other idea is to save until you can purchase the real Chanel Reissue but IMO never purchase this kind of crap.
  11. Oh, and nothings bag wrong with purchasing preowned bags either!
  12. **Nothing is wrong with purchasing preowned bags either!
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  13. It 100% depends on where you live. NYC, Manhattan in particular, don’t do it. LA/SFO, probably don’t.

    I live in Chicago, which in my area is still reasonably high fashion (we have all the boutiques, we just don’t have multiples of each like the other cities I mentioned); I have this authentic bag and I don’t think anyone recognizes it whatsoever. I get compliments on my boy bag, classic flap (I think... the one with the c’s), and when I wear Louboutins, etc, but something more subtle like this bag - not on the radar. Order it- if it’s a nice looking bag, carry it and don’t worry about it.
  14. I personally wouldn't get it. I understand the thought process of "I like the look of Chanel bags but I can't afford to spend that much or I don't want to spend that much," but if that's the case then there's nothing wrong with buying a non-inspired bag of original design that isn't priced so highly. There are a lot of non-designer bags on the market that are beautiful and aren't super pricey.

    I also agree with another posted above who said that the counterfeit market also supports a lot of very unethical business practices, including child labour, not paying their employees fair wages, and other significant economic and human rights issues.

    Ultimately, if you think that you would be comfortable carrying that around and you really love it, then that's your choice and no one will say anything. Do what makes you feel the most comfortable. That being said, if you are asking the question, maybe you already feel an inkling of discomfort.
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  15. I think there is nothing wrong with bags that are inspired by other bags. Even the big brands get inspiration from each other all the time. If you like the style of a Chanel flap bag, get a bag in that is style. Nothing wrong with that.

    Now, this is not a bag inspired by Chanel. This is a Chanel knock-off. That is a completely different proposition. Even if it is not illegaly sold as a Chanel, I’m terms of wearing it, it is for all purposes a fake.

    Because it looks a fake, you will have people thinking that it is a fake, yes. But that is not what matters, what matters is how would you feel wearing it, knowing that it is not the thing you really want.

    Now, if you love this bag I would advise getting one in the style without the price tag. Whereas it is Saint Laurent, or RM, or Zara, depending on your budget. Better still, buy vintage. It doesn’t even need to be the exact classic flap being sold right now, there are many beautiful vintage Chanel flaps at good prices and if you love the brand the hunt will be fun.

    Or, is it that you like this bag because of the effect that it has on others, for what it represents, rather than because of the style? And that may be why your worry about others’ reactions to your compromise? That would be something to consider too....

    Whatever you do, make yourself happy!
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