Should I be doing something different?

  1. Since it is summer time I want to lose a few pounds & firm up so I've been doing a simple but effective (I hope lol) strength training routine and have been riding an exercise machine bike (it has the moving arm things too where your arms move back and forth in sync with the pedals) for 30 min. every day for my cardio.

    I've read before that doing the exact same thing for your cardio isn't too good because your body gets used to it and stops showing result.

    Should I stick with riding the exercise bike for 30 min. daily or do something different?
  2. Well, from what I've heard, you're sort of right. I do know that as you gain muscle, you have to either increase the time of exercising or add more weight. I don't believe muscles "get used to it", but they reach a point where they're so developed that doing the same thing no longer represents an effort (and that's good!!) so you have to push them a little farther.

    And reading back on my post, I guess it's the same thing as "getting used to" hehehe. So yeah, switch routines but only when you feel it's very easy to do your usual exercising.