Should I be concerned???

  1. Ok here's the story, There is a handbag I'm watching on eBay. It was listed about a month ago and bidding ended with no bids. Now it's relisted again for a lower price. I emailed the seller asking for more pictures and have yet to hear from her. She says she purchased the bag from neiman's but when I looked through her feedback she purchased the exact same bag from daniellesboutique a month and half ago:confused1:
    Now I'm wondering should I trust buying from her, why would she not just say the bag is from eBay, could she possibly be trying to sell a fake? The few pics she has looks ok, but again she's not being honest about where she purchased.
    Please help, I really like the bag and the price but I am questioning this one to protect myself:shrugs:
  2. What kind of bag is it? I'm pretty positive that Daniellesboutique is all authentic. Maybe NM is where the bag originally came from. What is the sellers feedback like. Sounds unusually, but is possible that the seller has two of the same items. I would have the bag authenticated, just depends on the brand. Also, is she using Daniellesboutique pics or new ones?
  3. I don't know...if she is being dishonest, why lie about where you bought it. On the other hand, I agree that it is possible to have 2 of the same. I suppose that it all depends how bad you want this particular bag. Definitely check her feedback and have it authenticated.
  4. Thanks for the imput ladies. Her feedback is'nt bad 99.4% and the neg. are from sellers, no one complaining about fakes. However, I didn't see any other chloe sales in her feedback only coach. The pictures are hers(I assume) but she did not respond to my request for more pics.
  5. If she knows you are a serious buyer she should supply you with additional pics. If she's not doing so that would be a red flag for me. The only time I turn down requests for more pics is when the person has less than 5 feedbacks and I feel they are fishing for authentic photos to sell their fake bags.
  6. I do recall reading a thread about daniellesboutique before and how they received a poor rating from the BBB.
    I wish I could remember more details. Maybe someone will chime in soon.

    Also yes it is really strange for your buyer to say she bought the bag at NM. I would just come out and ask her.
  7. from what i remember, daniellesboutique isn't all authentic
  8. Since I have just been recently burned. I wouldn't. If she is (indeed) lying on where she purchased the bag and will not send you more photos. It just leaves a bad feeling in my stomach. IMO an honest seller would give you the additional photos that you asked for. I know you want this bag but, if you are having concerns, follow your instincts.
  9. Be very concerned, follow your gut and keep looking.
  10. Simple, just ask her the questions until you feel very comfotable. If that doesn't happen, then move on and find another one that you feel totally good about!
  11. I would be concern too, why she was not telling the truth, there is nothing wrong in purchasing an authentic bag from another eBay member.
  12. If she doesn't answer my email I'm not going to buy from her. My feedback is not high, because I rarely buy from ebay, but me emailing her should show I am a serious buyer.
  13. I'd move on if I were you.....
  14. I won't buy from sellers who don't respond to emails!
  15. I wouldn't feel comfortable buying from a seller who lied!