Should i be concerned? sent payment 6 days ago...

  1. Maybe the seller went on holiday. I would give it 10 days and then file a claim with PayPal.
  2. If I sent payment and then never heard from the seller VIA message or phone. I would file with paypal first, you can always cancel when you recieve the bag or when the seller responds.
  3. I'd wait for a couple more days, then file a claim with PayPal. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you...
  4. Did you pull their contact information and call them on the phone?
    I always recommend doing that first before filing a claim with either PP or eBay. Who knows what the circumstance might be, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

    That being said, that person's feedback is slightly alarming since 1) it's obviously a guy, 2) he generally sells electronics and that's nearly always the sign of someone selling counterfeit handbags, and 3) nowhere in the listing does he specify the actual method of shipping. Lastly, you can't call something "brand new with tags" and then say right in the listing that it was used a couple of times AND that the tags aren't even on it.

    Good luck with this transaction--I hope it's not a huge headache waiting to happen!!!
  5. I would be concerned for several reasons. I hope you used a credit card for protection, so you can do a chargeback. If the purse shows up, be sure to immediately check for authenticity. Good luck, hope all works out.
  6. I think it is hard to generalise as I would wait for someone whom I trusted, but would be anxious if previous communication had been dubious or there were other things that happened e.g. an increase in -ve feedback. Based on the listing, I would call now and ask politely how things were progressing. If you don't get a satisfactory response, I would file an 'item not received' claim as soon as I was able to . . .good luck - I hope this turns out well for you.
  7. Thanks so much for everyone's advice... the bag looked authentic and I hoped it would be another easy transaction, I will call him tomorrow and see what is going on...

    On another note, what do you guys do with the bags that you've been scammed on? Before I got into Chanel I literally bought 3 fake Chloe's on eBay and don't know what to do with them! I guess donate them to Salvation Army?
  8. Also, I don't see where I can find this person's phone number anywhere on ebay or paypal, can anyone tell me where this info is?

    And yes I used a credit card so I guess if worse comes to worse I can do a charge back... thanks again. :sad: I hope everything works out too...
  9. Go to eBay's Help, then type in request contact information. It will direct you to the help pages where you can request the seller's contact info. Be sure to have the item number handy because you may need to input it (I can't remember, it's been a long time since I pulled contact info).
    The seller will get yours too, but they already have it on your PP payment, so that's not really any big deal.
    You should receive an email quickly from eBay with the information.

    Also. I was really debating on whether to say this last night or not, but since you introduced the issue of authenticity, I wanted to comment. I'm not a Chanel expert, but that bag didn't scream authentic to me personally. Did you authenticate it on the Chanel subforum before you bought it/bid on it? In the future, regardless of what happens with that transaction, I would definitely recommend doing that any time you are not 100000% sure a bag is authentic.
  10. Requesting the contact info and calling him is certainly the next step, especially since he doesn't answer your emails. If you have no luck there, a paypal claim should definitely get his attention. ;)
  11. Have tried calling and got a weird voicemail saying that he only works Wed-Friday from 11 to 4 or something bizarre like that (even my doctor works longer hours!)

    Anyways I just sent him my 7th message or so, saying if he does not contact me by tomorrow (it will have been 10 days) that I am going to file a claim with PayPal and Ebay. I am so upset, this has never happened to me before (not receiving an item) and it's not like it was a little bit of money it's a good amount.

    Since I paid via credit card I hope I get my money back :sad: and I hope this guy gets in trouble!
  12. YUCK! Sorry this is happening to you. I hope he decides to call you during his "work" hours.

    I would go ahead and file the claim now, frankly. He has 7 days from the end of the auction to ship, PERIOD. eBay doesn't care whether he likes to work 3 hours a week or not; that's his problem.
  13. DO NOT File a claim with paypal this early. If you do and you recieve the bag and it is fake, you will not be allowed to file a SNAD. I think you have 45days to file.... at least 30 for sure.

    If you read the feedback, the seller has sold a lot of high dollar items with no issues. However their DSR on shipping time is a 4.

    I would be nervous as well, but give it some time....I would hate to see you file a INR only to recieve a fake and not be able to file a snad.

    Good luck and I hope it arrives soon
  14. I sent payment 4 days ago for an item as well, but I am a bit worried, because I emailed the seller the day I paid and no response. And then I checked her other items but there was nothing there and her last feedback comments were from sellers (for pretty random stuff ranging from Anthropologie shirt to vintage salt and pepper shakers) left on August 12th. And before that, there have been no buyers since May!

    I hate eBay now!! Especially after all these creeper stories! :cursing: