Should I be concerned? Re: Drinking alcohol.

  1. I find that after I spend an afternoon/night drinking, my tongue becomes numb and slightly swollen. I find it hard to taste things. It feels so weird and slightly uncomfortable (read, not uncomfortable enough to make me stop drinking). Does anyone else experience this? Is this something totally normal or not?
  2. is it after drinking wine?

    i have red wine allergies
  3. Sounds like an allergic reaction. Find yourself a new drink!
  4. Sounds like you're allergic to whatever alcohol you're drinking..try to figure out what it is, then change it and see if it goes away..
  5. Well, as we know alcohol numbs us so that doesn't surprise me about the tongue being numb but if it's swollen it's likely an allergic reaction. For example, could be a reaction to the tannins in red wine if that's what you are drinking?