Should I be concerned? Is this a red flag?

  1. Have a Violet City with GH that I purchased at Barneys (Madison Ave.) a few weeks ago. I LOVE it...but the tab to the inside zipper pull has become detached several times. (Hard to describe - the actual zipper is fine, but the leather tab - the "handle" of the zipper mechanism - comes off.) I can reattach it (fairly easily), but I have a paranoid side and I'm starting to wonder if there will be other problems with the bag down the line (although it seems fine).

    I realize that I sound like a nut - but I trust all of you! Thanks. :s
  2. can you post pictures of the problem you are having? nothing should be detaching, especially for a new bag.
  3. Robotdoll, here are photos.

    One photo shows what happens when the pull is detached.

    The other photos shows the "repair."

    It's the inside pocket (so it's not immediately visible) - but I agree with your comment about it being a new bag. Thanks for taking a look.
    eBay 012 (Small).jpg eBay 015 (Small).jpg
  4. I don't think it means anything else would go wrong, but it would bother me all the same. Can the store repair it?(send it out to get fixed). I mean, unless they have another bag for you, I'd want it fixed.
  5. Call Balenciaga and see if it can be tightened for you by them. Otherwise, see if you can get a replacement. That problem would tick me off to no end. My old dvd holder would do that everytime I pulled the zipper to open it. At $15 I just threw it out and bought a new one, but for you to have paid over $1600 for a bag and it have such a quality issue, I'd make a fuss about it.
  6. this is the first time seeing the zipper on a b-bag detaching like that. would it be possible for you to bring it back to Barneys for an exchange or to get it repair? good luck to you.
  7. I would definitely want it to be fixed. Too much money spent for it to already be falling apart!
  8. I wouldn't take it as a red flag that something else is/will be wrong too. but I will try to get them to repair this zipper pull, a small issue but it'll probably irritate me to death.
  9. I had the same problem with a zipper tab on my lilac bag. My DH took pliers, tightened it up and I haven't had any problems since then. I'd recommend taking it to a repair shop instead, but it's about a 10 second fix.
  10. I think your best option would be to take it back to Barney's and have them get it repaired. At this point it is unlikely they will be able to find a replacement, although it's possible (but then you might not like the leather as much).
  11. The loop that holds the leather tab just needs to be tightened. I have had it happen on a bag of mine and a pliers should do the trick. I wouldn't worry.
  12. moving to care & feeding :wlae:
  13. i have the problem with my anthracite too !
    i think is very bad problem , till i need to sent bk for balenciaga for repair
    and i only have it for a week !!!!