Should I be cheap and stingy or splurge?

  1. Sorry this kind of long.....Unlike most of you I've really never spent more than $50 bucks for a pair of jeans or more than $150 for a Dooney& Burke purse. Although, I will spend $150 on my sneakers. Every since I joined purse forum from encouragement of a friend, I have became addicted to the Fendi's, the True Religion Jeans, and the LV's.:drool: I'm on this site everyday. I love it here. I never really heard of half these items until I joined the forum, I guess you can say I was sheltered early on in life. So I go to the revolve clothing website today and I'm just clicking suff that looks good which totaled to $1270, mostly jeans. I have the money to pay for these items but I've always been thrifty and not wanting to go "broke" again. I also think that I deserve it because I've always tried to provide for myself since I was 15 and now I'm 22 so that I could buy things I like. I really want to buy these items because I'll know enjoy having them in my closet but on the other hand I know I'll feel sort of guilty because this is such a big purchase, to me it's on the level of buying a house. I know my mom would think I'm crazy because I do come from a low-income family and my mom still scraps to make ends meet at time. I had to consult with her before I bought my first home a year ago, she didn't like the idea but I bought it anyway cause I knew it would be happier. My husband wouldn't like it but it's my money, mind you I have been paying all the bills since we got married 4 years ago but thats a different story. So I'm lost and confused, should I be cheap and stingy again or should I go ahead and splurge to get this purchase?
  2. If it is "on the level of buying a house", that is quite a splurge. I don't know your whole situation with your mom and husband so what about just making a smaller splurge- maybe start with one or two pair(s) of jeans. That would be a nice treat to yourself. I know what you mean about tPF. My handbag collection has more than doubled and I bought my first few pairs of designer/premium denim after being educated here! lol.
  3. if buying all those jeans is a bit of a financial dilemma, you should buy only a few to treat yourself ... i think that it's always better to have cash because clothes will always change seasons :yes: plus there will always be another sale coming up! also in my opinion, i wouldn't like the idea of being "borderline" broke or financially unstable. (my mom always tells me that one day i'll be broke and end up on the streets so i've been extra cautious about my money since i was 6 :s )
  4. i agree with the previous posters.

    you do deserve a little treat for yourself but if its borderline on the house....i wouldn't splurge that much. maybe just a little.

    and clothing do eventually go on sale! keep that in mind. i always buy on full price what i know will be gone before sale hits (e.g. tell tale signs would be there's only one or two pieces or it's a piece so gorgeous you'll pick it right up..usually my tastes run with the norm) and wait for sales for those that are plentiful or not exactly "popular"
  5. JMO, but I think one splurging on one pair of designer jeans or one fabulous dress will bring you a lot more pleasure than buying 7-8 things at once.If you just buy one thing, it will be a special treat and not get lost in a crowd of other new "stuff."But that is just how I am.
  6. I agree with the previous posters. Maybe one or two pairs of jeans would be a better compromise. If you like them and they fit well, you can always buy more later. But you don't need to get everything you want all at once; it is nice sometimes to have something to lust for!
  7. Wait, I just caught this, you have been married 4 years and you are paying all the bills? What is your husband doing to contribute? Are there deeper issues here than just splurging on new jeans?

    Also, you need to make sure that you're balancing your purchases with your "rainy day fund." Are you comfortable with what you have in savings?

    Just my 2 cents, don't mean to pry, just trying to see the big picture.
  8. He only makes about $1000/month since he just started working. He's been
    unemployed because he stayed at home to take care of the children because I preferred to work. I am more than comfortable with what we have
    saved. I make five times what he makes and still have more than enough
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    use to me spending money like that since I act in a cheap manner.
  9. If you are comfortable with spending that much on clothing, then go for it!! New clothes, especially designer clothes, make me much happier haha! But, if you feel that after the "splurge" you would be strapped, or tight on money, then think to yourself "is it worth it in the long run?".. Just stop and think to think about the idea of spending that much. But of course, if it will not make a dent on the cost of living (home, kids etc.) then go for it!
  10. endulge yourself you deserve things of quality
  11. i think that it's stuff that you really want, not just buying for the sake of buying, then you should absolutely go for it. so many women focus on doing for their children and their families and neglect themselves, and it's really damaging if it's done for a long time.
  12. i think you should definitely treat yourself, but i always enjoy my big ticket purchases more when i space them out. if i don't, everything ends up feeling "old" faster. you can only wear one pair of jeans at a time afterall...
  13. I agree with what some of the posts above have said -- just buy a couple of things, because they'll be new, so you'll get that feeling of getting something without having to buy a lot all at once. Then you can sell them on eBay, buy some new ones ...

    Buying things can only make you so happy, and debt would definitely cancel that out.
  14. I agree, endulge wisely. Don't go overboard because you can, do it because its something you truly want. Start small then gradually get more.
  15. Welcome to tPF! :smile:

    I think that you are entitled to atleast a few items of luxury! You deserve it. Life is too short to NOT get nice things. But if you're on some sort of budget, then spend however much you are comfortable with--I'm sure you already figured this on your own.

    Btw, Your husband doesn't have to know how much everything costs. haha :idea:

    I support you!!!!