Should I be bummed?

  1. My long-awaited black Miranda arrived yesterday and I opened it today.
    I figured since my store didn't have any...the Twelve Oaks store in Novi, Michigan...when they ordered it, it would automatically come from JAX.

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. The bag was not in the usual COACH plastic with the hardware covered in foam. It was unwrapped and placed in the dust bag. I did a brief inspection and all looked okay. Then I look at my receipt and discover that the bag was shipped from a boutique in Columbus, Ohio.

    If I return it to my boutique and have them order another one, how can I be assured I will receive one from JAX? I want to be the one who takes the wrapping off my bag, you know?

    If JAX didn't have one, why wasn't I given the option of having one shipped from a different boutique - I probably would have declined it - but give me the option.

    Am I being unreasonable?
  2. Hi-

    That has happened to me before and one time I received a scarf bag only wrapped in tissue WITH the dustbag. It was ridiculous.

    Chances are if you got a bag from another boutique then once Novi (I shop there too!) sent the order to JAX then they forwarded the order to the Boutique in Ohio.

    You can call the dist. center to see if they have one IN STOCK, but at this point in might be doubtful.
  3. This would not bother me at all if the purse is in excellent condition. It's just some paper. I would be happy to get one at all! If JAX was out of stock it may be your only option.. if you return it, the next one could be the same, or worse. Let us know if you decide to keep it, I bet it's gorgeous!
  4. As soon as a store gets a bag they are supposed to unwrap it completely and put it in the dustbag. I'm not sure why they shipped it from a store when it is available to order from JAX, maybe you could ask them. If the tag is still attached then it should still be new and unworn. If the tag is on the inside zipper or not there at all it could have been a floor model or a return.

    If you don't feel that it is "new" enough for you then go back to your store and request that they order you one from JAX. You might want to call first though to make sure it won't be any trouble.
  5. Does the bag looked used or abused? If it is in pristine condition I wouldn't let the lack of plastic wrap become an issue. What do you think of the bag? I might be wrong but it doesn't sound like you are in love. I adore my Miranda-I have one in Atlantic!!! If the Miranda is not everything YOU hoped for return it for something you will love.
  6. It wouldn't bother me either if the bag is perfect, heck I took the display model when I bought my Hamptons satchel last week, it was all they had and it was perfect, so I saw no reason to order one.
  7. I think your being rediculous about wanting to be the one to open the bag. If it's in perfect condition then what the heck is the problem???
  8. ^^AGREED!!!!!!^^ Check her over and make sure there is NOTHING wrong w/ it and then take her out and LOVE HER!!!!
    I was told by an SA that if JAX does not have your merchandise, they will put out some kind of email/notice to the boutiques and the first one that has your merchandise will grab the order and prepare to ship to you. This did happen to me once, but the bag was PERFECT so I didnt care! That bag is GORGEOUS....CONGRATS!!!!
  9. I agree. If the bad is in excellent condition then you should keep it. No point in having to wait to receive another one.

    We had to order the Signature Denim Stripe Tote for my sister and it was shipped to the store. I went to pick it up and they gave it to me in the dust bag. I had to ask for the box to put it in. But the bag had nothing wrong with it.
  10. Yes, I think that if you ordered the bag from your local boutique, and it ended up being shipped out by a different boutique, that usually means that JAX is all out. Im not positive on that, but pretty sure. If theres something wrong with it then return it. Otherwise I wouldnt worry- think of how many new employees Coach has taken on for the holiday season. Chances are that your bag wasnt actually used or out on display, it was probably just packaged up for shipping by someone who was new and didnt know exactly how to put it all together.
  11. Thanks gals! I'm feeling a bit better about this.

    The tag is still intact, pristine and attached to the outside of the bag.

    I couldn't wait to get her and had planned my wardrobe around carrying her today. LOL! I'll keep carrying my red Carly today then I'll look the bag over again when I return home to make doubly sure she's fine.

    Normally when my bag is available at the boutique, I ask them to keep it in the packaging so I can be the first (aside from manufacturing) to touch it. I must do something about my picky tendencies I guess.

    Still, I'd think that with the bag showing now available in black on the web site, they wouldn't have had to go to another store, but oh well.
    Thanks again!