Should I be bitter?

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  1. My husband bought me a new LV bag for our anniversary a few weeks ago. We can definitely afford it, but it's still hard for me to accept dropping $800 for a handbag, even though I've wanted one forever. Anyway, long story short, my husband's brother's girlfriend saw it one night when they were over and seemed to like it.

    Fast forward 2 weeks, and she now has a brand new LV bag for her birthday. I feel like she's copying me. Everyone on my husband's side are huge Coach fans and that's all they buy. I am a Coach fan too, which is why the LV purchase was a big deal for me. Not to sound like a stuck up snob, but we make good money, and can definitely afford the extra things we want. My BIL and his girlfriend don't really fit the LV lifestyle...I won't go into too many details...but I feel like she is trying to copy me. Should I be bitter that they went out and bought her the same brand of bag that I got (There has been no mention of LV from them ever before...heck, when she text me a pic of her new bag, she spelled Vuitton wrong). I feel horrible for feeling this way, but it still bothers me!!!
  2. Enjoy your bag and stop worrying about her :smile:

    There are millions of us "copying" you :P
  3. This can't be for real. Trolling?
  4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    Just enjoy your bag!!
  5. Don't be bitter. Take it as a compliment. Some people don't know they like something until someone else has it :smile: as long as you dont have the same bag inwould t worry too much into it. If you do, just don't use your LV whenever you know you're going to see them. Take it in stride.....your life has now FHA bed stepping into this LVoely world and things will never be the same again
  6. I would feel like you to but you had yours first and as long as it isn't the same don't worry. I would also go and buy a bag charm as I think these finish the bags and will prob annoy her just to make you feel better not bitter xx
  7. I realize I don't own the LV brand and that others can enjoy it too. I don't know you, so you're not "copying" me...and I'm not "Copying" anyone else either. It's just a little ironic that she goes out and buys the exact same thing a few days later. It's just annoying more than anything. I've wanted it forever, and she gets one "Just because" I did.
  8. Thanks! At least there are a few others that see where I'm coming from. My husband was a little shocked too I think. Oh well...I still love my bag and can't wait to get a Neverfull in the spring :smile:
  9. Is it the exact same bag?
  10. Yeah I was wondering this too and from the first post it doesn't sound like it...
  11. I can understand your point of view as I have a family member who is getting an LV for Christmas from her husband (he said he is buying it because she is always talking about my bags). At first I was put off, but I realized it really is a form of flattery and as others have mentioned maybe she didn't know she liked the brand/bag so much until she saw yours?! Just remember, she must think you have great taste!
  12. I thought the same thing lol.

    She probably just drew inspiration from your new LVoe. I'd be flattered if someone liked my bag so much they wanted one of their own. That just means you have great taste.
  13. Annoying, but I wouldn't dwell too much on it. Enjoy your bag. Don't let anyone sour it for you.
  14. I wouldn't worry about her. You can just take it as a compliment that she thinks you have great taste.
  15. I get where you are coming from, but all i can say is snap out of it, and enjoy having someone to go LV shopping with :smile: you weren't the first to buy lv, and you won't be the last.. just enjoy the common interest
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