Should I be avoiding new?!

  1. been getting back into my mulberry lately. Want to get a Bayswater for work and a Lily for little trips out.
    My main want is a blue colour for my bags. I have an oak Kenya leanther Rampling and it's lovely but don't need another tan bag.
    I love this seasons deepsea blue (already bought a purse in the colour!). But catching up with posts on here is making me very reticent to buy new now.

    Should I stick to trying to hunt down some blue/grey/unusual colour older bags? I'm fastidious about my expensive things. If theleather is going to start failing by six months I won't be a happy bunny
  2. If you love the colour and the bag, I would go for it! I have bought some pieces from Mulberry recently and have no problems with the quality.
  3. I think it depends on personal taste really. I much prefer the older leathers; I think the new leathers (or maybe it's the designs) look a bit plastic-y and are too stiff for my liking, especially on the new zipped Bays and Leightons.
  4. I would buy a heritage Bayswater in deep sea if that’s what you want. The small classic grain isn’t even THAT new leather, it’s been around for some years now. I have a medium Lily in porcelain blue and I haven’t had any issues with it, not with leather or the new hardware. So I would say go for it! I think Mulberry is overall very good in aftercare also, if some issues would arise.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll go have a play and a feel again in the shop.
    They definitely don't seem so robust these days - and they are worlds apart from the Rampling.
    Taimi - how long has the small classic been about for then? Do they not change the leather quality within the description ? Or does it stay the same and get call something else if it changes?
    I was put off after seeing a thread showing lots of wear and colour loss to Oxbloods after very light few and very little time.
  6. I can’t say exactly how long the small classic grain has been made, but some years anyway. I have a grey medium Lily with suede lining which is also in small classic grain and I’ve bought it preloved maybe two years ago. I think the descriptions are pretty accurate, but of course the leather batches can still vary.

    The natural grain leather is new and I suppose some people have had issues with it, especially in oxblood. But it’s not the same leather as the small classic grain or the old nvt leather.
  7. I own a black heritage small classic grain Bayswater which I bought two years ago to replace my black NVT one (which I never quite got on due to the brass hardware). I also own a black grainy print bays which is older; I think I bought it in 2013. However it still looks great.

    I also love the lily style and recently added a second black lily with silver hardware to my collection which I bought this year. I have no issues around the quality. My other black lily was bought in 2011 and after heavy use over 7 years I sent it off to mulberry for repairs. Got the chain replaced, postman’s lock changed and repair to inking and it looks just as good as the one I bought this year except that the leather is softer.
  8. Where is this thread (link)? I was about to buy a oxblood.
  9. My oxblood Lily is fine!

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