Should I be asking for boxes?

  1. The thread on box sizes has me thinking...should I be asking for boxes when I buy my bags?

    I buy directly from BalNY, and they always wrap the bag in tissue paper and put it in the store bag. I've never asked for a box because I thought they were for shipping. When I get home, I lightly fill the bags with more tissue paper and store them upright in their dust bags on the top closet shelf.

    But should I ask for a box when I buy my bags? I have three bags and no boxes.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. I prefer to store my bags in a box, keeps them organized and protects them. I always ask for a box w/a bag purchase.
  3. I have 4 bags and no boxes!

    I have asked in Harvey Nichols about boxes and their reply was, sorry, the boxes are too big and we have no room to store them so we throw them out! You don't know how many times I was tempted to go looking in the dumpsters behind the store!:yucky:
  4. I always ask for a box, received shipments with boxes every time EXCEPT ONE: MAJOR SALE!!! Didn't care then.

    But if i am paying full price, I want the box. It's not a deal breaker, but i would like to have it!:heart:
  5. I have a box for my Ink work but no box for my blueberry. I like to store my bags in the box so from now on I am going to ask for the box. Right now my blueberry is sharing Ink's box:love: Nice and cosy but I don't think there is much room for another in there hahaha
  6. bal NY sends mine with box but Barneys did not! I don't really care as I don't use them (they are upstairs in my closet) whereas my bags are downstairs in the dining buffet. Well I DO keep some silverware and napkins in there too but the entire bottom space is for my handbags in their protective covers!
  7. It's best to keep the bag in the box. I bought my day bag from Barney's and I had the SA go find me one. She didnt find one but on the next shipment of BBags, she saved one for me.
  8. Okay, when I go get my Cafe Twiggy, I'm going to ask Kim for two boxes for my Firsts, which I bought from them, and if she's nice she'll also give me a box for my Rouille Twiggy, which I bought at auction.

    I'll be extra sweet when I ask.
  9. That's so odd. Everytime I get an item from BalNY, it comes with a box. I would call them up and ask them for one if you really want one.