Should I be Actually Using My Bay Bag?

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  1. Ok so i bought my ivory quilted Bay on 2nd Mar. It's been in it's box under my bed ever since. I take it out every Thursday (my day off) to admire it. Do you girls think it's about time I actually used it? Am I the only sad person who does this? I'm afraid once I start using it the novelty will wear off and I'll get bored with it LOL!!:rolleyes:
  2. Use it - once you start taking it out, you'll never want to put it back in it's dustbag! Or you may realize it's not for you, but you will never know unless you take it out for a spin...
  3. Use it!!! Imagine how great you'll feel the first time you get a compliment about it
  4. aw thats sad. It should be loved. I always find if I have a bag stored away like that and its not getting out then it wasn't meant to be and I end up selling it. Get her out and try and if not then you could sell on
  5. :amazed: Pull that bag from under your bed and use it,use it,use it :smile:.
  6. use it!! the Bay bag is gorgeous in that colour - it might take a while for you to get used to the looks of admiration though...
  7. Why not? Take her out!!! Quilted bay bag is gorgeous!
  8. I did the same with mine, I got her, admired her and kept her in my wardrobe. I then sold her on! she just wasnt for me, and I knew that even if I used her she still wouldnt be, and I was worried that she would be harder to sell on if I did use her lol :biggrin:

    atleast try her out, and then you will know for sure how you feel about her
  9. USE HER!!!! She's such a lovely bag!! I'm in love with the quilted bay and the Ivory is such a perfect colour. I can relate though. I have a feeling if i got my hands on one i'd be so enamoured with how beautiful and squishy she is that I'd just touch her and hold her and snuggle her (I know this is strange, but the quilted bay is truely a "snuggley" bag. It's so plush). But seriously, take her out and love her the way she was meant to be loved.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I might just give her a trip out tomorrow although the forecast isn't good (am I making excuses here?) I'll keep you posted.;)
  11. I do the same thing - I have all these great bags in my closet in their pretty boxes and dust covers and never use them. Then I joined TPF and after reading everyone's posts about enjoying your bags, I started pulling mine out and using them and it is great. I don't think I can ever put them away again! Definitely give your bag a spin!
  12. Ditto prior post (pp), not one of my purses are in a dust cover or box. I have a long shelf above my dresses and they are like little soldiers, three deep, 4 long, sitting on that shelf.

    I put my clothes on get all that all settled and then the "crowning" begins, "Aaaaah which purse looks the most faboo with my outfit". Sick but it's the highlight of my day, LOL. So basicially I'm wearing a different bag each day. This acessory is like jewelry but only bigger!

    Now I need an orange purse, hummmmm.:search:
  13. Did she get her trip out?
  14. No. Now I'm being absolutely honest here but anyone from the UK can back me up .It rained yesterday and it is still chucking it down today. Maybe next week-end?;)

  15. Chucking it down!! Oh how cute is that!!:amuse:

    If it's any consolation we're having rain in the Midwest(all labor day weekend); major down pours..One of my purses paid a small price with wet jean skirt and transfer wear :crybaby:.
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