Should I ask for a newer non display model?

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  1. Hi ladies! On Saturday I went to our local LV store and bought quite a few items before the price increase. One of them was a Speedy B Emp 25. I noticed that they gave me the floor model that another customer and I were handling. I didn't say anything, I figured it was probably the last one and there was technically nothing wrong with it.

    The next day I was looking at my purchases, looking at the date codes I noticed the one on my Speedy was from 2012. How long has this been on display? I know they rotate, but how many people have touched it? Should I call and ask them to order me another one that is new for exchange or just keep it?

    I have a vernis zippy to pick up so I will be going there to pick that up when it comes in, so that wouldn't be an inconvenience. Thanks for your help!
  2. Year and date code wouldn't bother me at all but if it is showing signs of wear or already looking worn then definitely exchange. If not and all looks perfect, age wouldn't force me to exchange. after all, you could swap for a 2014 speedy that has issues. However, if you're truly uncomfortable and you're going anyway, it won't hurt to look over the others that are there :smile:
  3. You can call and ask if they have another one in stock. You said probably the last one, so maybe it was not the last one. Also if it has no sign of wear then there is no problem keeping it. Since you are going to the LV store, why not try to exchange. Do what makes you happy :smile:
  4. I would definitely call and see if they have more. A similar situation happened to me too. I went to buy the Speedy in Damier Azur, and they handed me one from the drawer with patina on it! It looked perfect otherwise, but I asked if I could see another one. They handed me another one with virgin patina, but the tab had a huge crease on it. I ended up buying the one with patina as there were no more in stock. I looked at the purse at home and the date ode made it over a year old too! I ended up exchanging it at another store. Don't settle:cool:
  5. As long as there is no flaws with the bag I wouldn't care at all! When hubby & I went to purchased my speedy b it was the last one they had in my store which was made in France & it was in perfect condition, in my situation I would of been mad if they tried to get me a different one, lol... If it really bugs you that it was out then exchange I guess.
  6. i agree.. if there's nothing wrong with the bag i would just keep it
  7. Keep it if there's nothing wrong with it. I bought the last Artsy MM Mono in my boutique last year, but since it looked to be in excellent condition, I took it. I had inquired and there just wasn't another one available in that store. I didn't feel like waiting. However.....if it's going to drive you nuts, ask for another one. I'm always of the opinion that we pay a lot for these bags, so to the degree that it's reasonable, we should have the one we're most pleased with. :smile:
  8. I honestly would not exchange it if there's nothing wrong with it. The date code wouldn't bother me unless it's for a bag that has known issues for earlier versions (e.g., lumi), but otherwise, i wouldn't let that bug me. I have just gone through a crazy exchanging ordeal and hope that NEVER happen to me again! i wouldn't take one that had already patina'ed or anything, but in this case, there's no vachetta issue so just keep it!
  9. I agree with the others who have said if there are any signs of wear, exchange it. I wouldn't be concerned about an older date code, but I'm not keen to accept a display piece because it's likely to have been handled a lot. I don't expect my LV to be completely untouched, because that's just ridiculous, but I don't want to pay top dollar for a bag that a thousand people have tried on either.
  10. +1, How funny, I was just in a similar situation. I was unable to sleep the whole night, lol.

    I wouldn't have exchange it (date code and floor model doesn't bother me) but my bag showed heavy wear on the metal hardware. That justified my exchange. "Why buy at full price with wear and tear, when I could have bought it pre loved and at a discounted price.

    You should really do what makes you happy, in the end - it's your bag and your happiness. GL
  11. Love your screen name
  12. Normally it drives me insane to read 'shoud I return because' (not made in france, got a mark, got a crease etc) threads… but your bag is two years old. Would you pay full price for a pre-loved slightly used two year old bag..? Because that 's what you did IMO. I would def take it back… Not saying that you will, but if you think about selling at some stage, its already got two years of miliage regardless of when you actually paid for it. Sorry for the rant, but it has been on my mind about how long some bags sit in stores...:smile:
  13. honestly, if its bothering you I would exchange it only because I know that it would bother me and I would probably loose very picky ugggh lol :smile:

  14. Thank you all for your advice, it's much appreciated. This is what bothers me exactly! Over all this time how many people have handled this bag, and no I wouldn't pay full price for pre-loved. Maybe I will call today and ask my SA about it. Thanks again!

  15. Thanks! :smile: