Should I ask for a FULL refund?

  1. I bought 100 pounds worth of clothing from a woman, and she marked the value at 500 pounds. Because she set the insurance so high (to make money if they were lost I presume) my taxes were totally inflated.

    I sent the items back to her, returned, I didn't pay to resend.
    She accused me of trying to evade my taxes :lol:

    She then ignored my emails until I told her that I was filing with eBay this evening. She asked me if I wanted a refund.
    I absolutely do, as I cannot deal with a seller who does not keep open communication.

    Now, should I ask for a full refund?? The shipping was 20 pounds and I want that back too, but I think she'll fight for it.

    Should I fight for it? $40 isn't a big deal, but I don't like to throw away money. PLUS she will make more when she relists these items than she did when I bought them.

    What do you think?
  2. I say fight for it. It's worth a try, right?? That's $40 more dollars that could be going to another bag! Any why in the world would she put $500 worth of insurance on it??? There's something fishy with that seller!
  3. ^^ I agree - its all money spent and if she had been honest in the first place then this wouldn't have happened - does seem strange.......
  4. I agree. She's in the wrong, so you should get all of your $$ back.
  5. did you pay by paypal? file an "item not as decribed" dspute. even if you have no tracking numbers, you have an email where she has basically acknowledged receipt. if paypal forces a refun you'll get *all* your money back.
  6. full refund
  7. I also agree that you should ask for full refund.
    Why would someone do such thing anyway? :s
  8. Hmmm, to play devil's advocate. How much was the retail for the clothing? If it was about 500 pounds, then maybe it wasn't too unreasonable of her. And did you tell her you were sending it back when you did or AFTER you sent it out? If it's the former, you might just want to take what she'll give you because she can fight you for it. Ebay'll only let you send back if it wasn't as described. Good luck!