Should I alter an old fur or not???

  1. It actually is! When you redisign a fur, they cut it into large pieces - as I was told- and sew them together again, form scratch, to make the design you've ordered. Plus, the fur-tailor told me he might need to add some fur, if I want it larger. Right now the fur is below the knee and I probably will ask for a knee-length fur or even shorter, so I guess he can use the remaining fur to add to the sleeves.

  2. When I wear it to see how it fits I feel great too!!! I feel like some sort of queen! LOL The softness of the material, the way it embraces the body... it's just beyond words! I adore it, that's why when my mum offered it, I said yes.

    The thing is that I've never seen a non-celeb 20-year old girl wear fur in real life and that's what made me hesitate at first. I thought that I was too young for having a fur coat. Though I believe that luxury isn't only for older women, it seems that I can't apply it to myself.:confused1: I'm a very shy person and don't wanna be considered a "snob" because I wear fur at my 20s. I pay a lot of attention to "what people think" though I know I shouldn't! That's the main reason I asked this question here on tpf! I knew that since we're all fashion-lovers and can appreciate designer and unique pieces, I could get an honest answer! I'm glad I've read that a lot of you have worn fur in their 20s! I'm not alone, I guess! LOL
  3. I can understand your point - I suspect that even the most confident people do in fact care what others think. Anyone that is "into" fashion and style will appreciate that a fur can be worn by anybody. I suspect that one of the reasons why younger girls tend not to wear a real fur coat is the price. It cannot really be because they don't like the idea of it - faux fur is everywhere.

    Really, I hope it works out for you and let us know how you get on.

  4. I'm going to share my personal observations, and if they help you, great. If not, please disregard. :smile:

    Once upon a time, whenever I saw women wearing fur, it was unbuttoned. I wondered why. And then I started wearing my inherited mink, and I found out why: that fur is insanely warm. It has to drop into the 20s for me to want to button it up. But by then, my bottom half (it's hip length) has gotten really cold. So, for me, my mink isn't really versatile. It either keeps me too warm or doesn't provide enough coverage.

    If I buy another fur, it will either be a shorter lighter shearling, or full length mink. Of course, the latter will only be useful for 2 months of the year!

    So, depending upon your body chemistry and location, you might want to think about alterations in a different way. Maybe use the fur for trim. Or a vest. Or a hat. Or buy more fur and make it full-length.

    Just some things to keep in mind. Let us know how it turns out.
  5. I am glad you decided on a "yes" - you will feel a million dollars!

  6. Go for it. I started with 16 with a humble rabbit. My first mink came when I was 23. Could be earlier.:p I wear all the furs casually plus I prefer the knee length. I did have a full length but then the fur is too heavy and difficult to move. I altered the coat to the knee length and I am happier now. I wear them with jeans and silk blouse. I like to combine cheap and expensive things together. Mostly I do not think too much what to wear I just grab my favourites I feel comfortably with and go.
    MINK 113.jpg MINK 1.jpg FUR collar 1.jpg FUR collar 3.jpg MINK 114.jpg
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  7. The three dead animals I own….black, light brown, dark brown mink.;)
    DPP_5792.JPG DPP_5797.JPG
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  8. Wow! Great collection of furs and you wear them so well. The minks are just divine.
  9. ALL of your furs look gorgeous. A trio of minks makes me VERY jealous!
  10. that makes sense, I hadn't thought of it that way.

    I'm curious to see the end result, you'll have to post pictures for us!
  11. Thank you suzi for the great pics! You have an amazing fur collection and I love the way you style every piece! The epitome of class!
  12. OMG .... an array of gorgeous furs! I am a fellow furbie too. I got my first fur when I was 17 (or 18 perhaps) and it was a rabbit jacket. I loved that jacket. I got my first mink for my 21st birthday and I still have it. In England fur was not that popular too (although it is much more popular nowadays).

    Suzi - your minks are beautiful and the way you wear them is very flatterring to you. I see a gap though which should be filled with a grey (or saphire) mink. Then your collection will be fully complete :smile: Seriously - your furs are beautiful.

  13. The "caring about what people think" gets better as you get older. At least it did for me, haha! I came to a point where I realised that it's never going to be good enough for everyone, so I just wear what I like, and try not to care what people think. What does it matter anyway? Do what makes you happy; it's only clothes after all! ;)

    I think you made the right decision about the coat. Can't wait for the pics! :tup:
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  14. Just to rekindle an old thread I stumbled across! What actually happened in the end with your coat? What did you get done with it? Pics please!

    Oh and just to add to the others points of before... you can be any age to wear fur... but I defo think younger people are better in maybe shorter length furs!
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  15. LOL had to laugh at the text you started this collection of pics off with! :biggrin: