should i...? ahh BBAG DILEMMA!

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  1. lately i've been unloading A LOT of other bags i haven't been using and now it's come down to these 2 fendi spies that have been sitting in my closet. i'd like to get something in the fall...i am a true bbag lover but think that i should have somewhat of 'other' variety in my closet. i don't have any other silver or brown bags since i love color....i know that i SHOULD sell these but gaaaah...i need your help and opinions (or kick in the butt!) and tell me that I am doing right by letting them go. i just don't want to regret it (when i'm older) and kick myself for having let go of these beauties. maybe i should only keep one?

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  2. I'm in the minority in that I don't have the same bag in different colors. Maybe you can keep one and sell the other, if you regret selling the first one you'll still have the second one to hang onto? My vote would be to keep the tan one, it seems more everyday. To me, metallics look better in smaller sized-bags.
  3. I think you should get rid of one since they are so similar except for the color. I like the silver one better so I would keep that. Good luck! I know it's always so hard trying to decide what to let go.
  4. If you decide to keep one, I think you should keep the brown. The silver is a fad, the brown will always go with most everything. I hope that helps a little :smile:
  5. I totally agree, metallics look better in smaller sized-bags.
  6. thaaaank you ladies! i also thought the brown would be a better choice for me to keep since i don't have any other brown bags....wait i do! the YSL downtown. ok so i don't have any silver bags and the silver fendi is very pretty...but i think i would prefer a magenta work bal bag in FW09 :graucho:
  7. fashion- my advice for this question is, I think you should wait. It seems like you are torn about what to do and since Fall bags wont be out for a while (I don't know exactly when but spring did just come out!) I think with a little time you will not only know what bag/s to sell, but you'll be ready to do it!:P

    But if you are at the I MUST SELL NOW point, I'd have to say keep the silver. Its pretty and different... Yes I know its trendier and brown is easy to match (and a great brown at that) but I think you'd be able to find another brown to suit those needs (hey isnt saddle supposed to be a great brown!?!:graucho:)
  8. I say let one go and I'll take the other:P.
    If you need to sell bags that you aren't using for the money-> to purchase new ones-> then I say do it. I commend you. It's good; that you are trying to make some money back; in order to restock on newer items; that you'll get more use out of.
    It's practical and most importantly it keeps the Visa low lol.
    Besides what good are they if they are not being shown off, & are just collecting dust in a closet.
  9. I think you should the one you least use between the 2. Getting money back for new bags would be a good idea.
  10. Please keep at least one - it's nice to have a bit of variety in a bag collection.

    My pic would be the tan - the silver is a little less classic, fun - but may not be the best choice long term.
  11. Keep one - for variety. Choose a colour you don't have which from reading this thread, is silver (it's difficult finding a nice silver bag, brown is much easier to find). In the long run, if you're still not using that one, then you can sell it too!!!
  12. I would keep the brown and sell the metallic. The silver finish has a tendency to come off and you will be left with an ugly dark line..just my $0.02.
  13. Lots of Bal gals buy the same bag in tons of colors, so I don't think having two bags of the same color is an issue in this forum. If you sell them you will lose money. I would keep them and carry them both. If you want something new, just save up for it. IMHO, unless any of us (I suppose that some do) have unlimited resources, it is best to try to buy stuff that we really love. Lots of people sell/trade in their bags. It's a total money pit. If they are going to do that, they should join that website that lets people borrow bags and change them out all of the time.

    I think that your spy bags are lovely. If it comes down to it and you really have to sell one, I would sell the brown and keep the metallic.
  14. I would deinitely keep one, probably the metallic and sell the other one.
  15. I guess I'm not a Fendi Spy fan so I would sell them both. JMO.