Should I add BIN?

  1. I have a bag for sale on eBay. It is a small bag, retailed for $168 last summer. It was a pretty high demand color, but not the highest demand style.

    I started the auction for $9.99, there are 2 days left, 14 watchers, and the high bid now is $26.

    I was contacted by a buyer. She wants me to set a BIN for $85. She pointed out an auction that closed yesterday for the same bag (NWT) that sold for $76. I looked at that auction and while it is the same bag, the listing consisted of one sentence, had no style number, and not a good title. I think my listing will draw much more attention, hence the 14 watchers.

    What would you do?
  2. I would add a BIN like she requests, but maybe do like $10-$15 dollars more, if that's what you're looking to get out of it. If she asks why, just tell her you have had other requests to add a BIN!

    That might get the competitive spirit going in her and she'll click BIN "first".

    Good luck!
  3. Well, I don't think it matters. I tried to add BIN and I couldn't. Probably because it has bids.

    We'll see what happens!
  4. Ok, I told this buyer that I can't add BIN. She has sent me 2 messages in the past hour asking me to end the auction and sell to her. She says she will add the difference when she gets to Paypal to pay. I really don't want to do this...I have 14 watchers and I don't think it is fair to just end with giving them a chance. Plus, it just doesn't seem honest. And, she could easily scam me...

  5. Just tell her that you do not want to end it early and you have decided to let the auction run.
  6. Tell her to bid her maximum and wish her good luck :smile:
  7. That is what I did. I told her to bid the $85 and if that was all it would sell for then she would get it for her price or less. She just replied again...says she will be away from the computer for a week...she wants it for her daughter who is having a rough time right now...she won't be able to bid or pay for the week when she leaves tomorrow...offer went up $5. She keeps pointing out the auction that just ended for the same bag NWT at $76.
  8. You don't need her drama. Let the auction run.
  9. Then why in the heck didn't she buy the other one.
  10. Block her and let your auction run. Who are these people that feel they can tell a seller what to do?? It's your auction. If you do put in a BIN make sure it is higher than you think you can get for it. If you think it will sell for $100 the BIN should be $125. BIN is for people that don't mind paying a little bit more for the convenience of ending the auction early.
  11. I always require buyers to pay immediately if I offer a BIN. That way you don't get non-paying bidders ending your auction. There's really no sense in adding a BIN unless you require immediate payment. If they want it, they will pay right then.
  12. people who usually ask to change the listing to a BIN fear that your auction will end for much more than they ask. just wait it out and let the market dictate the final value of your bag.
  13. you dont have to be pressured to end the auction if you dont want to. I would revise the listing and add a note about allowing the auction to run to the end, please no requests to end early. Its annoying when people refer to other ended auctions. each auction is different. I sold a bag a month ago and the buyer resold two weeks later for double the price. There is no fixed price for a certain item, its just luck on who is interested during that time period...