should i add a kelly pochette to my collection and stay down

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  1. dear fellow h lovers

    i have been talking about downsizing my h, what 2 weeks ago
    and i have been a good girl turning down gorgeous croc offers at duty-free prices (go me!!)

    but now something snapped and i am convinced that i need to purchase a kelly pochette. DM wants to get me something for my birthday. so we went to the boutique nearby and nothing called my name. DH went to different boutiques at a different side of town with me and we both agree that if we were to get anything it should be a kp

    //we missed out on a kelly cut earlier in the year and i was NOT nice about it to him and so i think kc shouldnt be on our list so soon.

    so my questions to you gorgeous ladies with kp are follows

    1. when in your collection did you start with kp? in retrospect was that too soon or too late?

    2. when/where do you wear your kp - i tried and the kelly long wallet doesnt fit in it. bearns of all sized do so that is ok

    3. is kp too similar to a kelly long wallet? i can hold the wallet as a clutch and i dont think it was too cutesy, but i am not quite sure if the kp with the long handle may be too cutesy for me

    4. please share your favorite combo in kp and if you dont mind shower me with pictures

    5. lastly, or recommend another purchase for me


    edited: i do have one bag to let go for this purpose!!
  2. Get it for sure I just got one and even though was so apprehsive about it now love love it. Yes it's a clutch holds a lot and I got many compliments I have Kelly cuts too but this is a welcome addition. It's not flat so easy to hold glasses keys etc. you won't regret it
  3. Go for it, you won't regret it. The Pochette is useful in so many ways. I love mine for quick errands and especially dining out.
  4. thank you for your input D
    isnt kp the cutest creature

    if you dont mind me asking which combination do you have/or think is best with the make?
  5. the pochette is really adorable and i really think it goes with everything
    yes running errands and night out, coffee with girlfriends

    i cant decide on the hardware or leather or color

    its like my first b/k all over again - i ended up getting 2 in different combination within the month just because i cant decide on neutral/leather/hardware...
  6. You should definitely get it. It is such a versatile piece.
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    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    Do you already have an evening clutch? If no then I would heavily consider it. I love the look of the KC but I feel like it holds so little and so limited given how narrow it is. So I never bought one. I put a KP off for many years and could have easily bought one many years but just thought impractical for me. About 1.5 years ago I finally gave in and bought one in anemone because I love the color and felt I needed at least one evening clutch. Don't use mine a lot because I don't go to that many evening events plus I have other bags to choose from. But I do have to say it's adorable and I love it. For if I already owned a good evening H clutch I may have put it off longer.
  8. I got blue atoil with gold hw. Though this was not my choice just what I was offered but I'm so glad I got it coz now I love it.
  9. my local store called about my spa item and i asked if they have any in stock
    they tried to sell me kelly wallets in regular and exotic leathers instead :lol:

    i agree that i probably have to just take whatever i am offered when i do
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  10. Do you attend lot of social events? How many clutches do you have right now in your collection?
  11. I love love love kp! I use it a lot during day. It fits everything I need. I had 2 for a while and last week got another one. I think you should get it!
  12. The kp is beautiful and i admire seeing it carried by others. I am looking to add a more casual clutch...the jige specifically. But i think you cannot go wrong with the kp!!!
  13. I totally agree. I just bought another one too and love it. It fits so much more than my K long wallet and serves a different purpose than using the wallet as a clutch. Here is a pic of my tiny KP collection.


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  14. Gorgeous collection! I wore my new one today for brunch!
  15. Love jige clutch! Such easy versatile piece!