Should I act fast and get this???

  1. hi everyone!

    I need your help...for quite sometime now (since April) I've been wanting to get a monogram wapity:P ...but just recently, I've decided to wait and see if I can get one on far, there haven't been very many. but on let-trade I found the Monogram Partition...and for only $209!!:yahoo: The price def caught my eye...and that fact that it's a roomy wristlet caught my, should I get it? or wait for the wapity? The only thing holding me back, is that the partition may be a little too big to fit inside a hand bag:shrugs:
    (I want to be able to put it in and out of my speedy 30)...any one have one that can I can see? thanks so much everyone for your help!!
  2. I think you could use it inside the Speedy. And it is great for a going out bag, also!!!
  3. Someone has this. I think it's cute (not as cute as wapity) , roomier..Go for it..I say sometime next year we can see so many wapity at Ebay or Let-trade.
  4. Well, this is discontinued.

    Personally, I prefer the shape of the wapity though.
  5. I do like the wapity better, too.
  6. I think it's really cute. Seeing as its discontinued I would buy this one and get a wapity later.:P
  7. YES!!! GET IT!!!:yes: :nuts: :love:
  8. :nuts: Nice price! Get it before it's gone.:yes:
  9. You should get it!!!

    WOW I like the look of this Partition bag!!!!
  10. Get it!! It's really cute and it's a good price! You can always get a Wapity later.
  11. Get IT!
    Good Price!
  12. SOOO cute! GET IT!!
  13. You should get I think this is super cute!
  14. i kinda like it; i was interested in it myself. i'm not sure what the dimensions are, though. get the wapity instead.
  15. I have this, and I have used it so much over the years. It does fit into a speedy 30. I can post pics of mine if you want.