should I accept this offer?

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  1. I got an item selling on ebay for best offer. I received quite a reasonable offer but the buyer only just have 10 feedback and all item has been purchased between feb this yr till now and most of them are under 10 dollar.. 2 item for used vintage LV for 60 GBP..

    i feel a bit strange on this one..
  2. plus she purchased around 6 diff items from the same seller. all under 3 dollar.
  3. How long he has been an eBayer?
  4. since 06
  5. I guess everyone has to start somewhere...for extra protection I would only ship with tracking number and signature confirmation though. See if she will accept bank deposit for extra security?
  6. check the feedback of the seller for this one...see if its a "legitimate seller" coz some people create different accounts to build up the feedback so they would trick other sellers into thinking that they're ok as buyers :smile:
  7. yea i am going to ship via EMS , should be save enough?
  8. Yes, use EMS. It has tracking number and in some countries, tracking EMS will show the name of receiver. If it's not too expensive item, may you can accept her offer? I have buyer from Asia, he has 0 feedback but he has purchased my items 3 times. His 1st purchasing from me was for over $1200 bag, I'm so doubt when ship item since he's from USA but live in Korea but the fact shown that he's a trusted buyer :smile:
  9. I'd go for it, but definitely ship EMS. I have a listing now that a potential buyer who has no feedback is bidding on, but contacted me several times with questions and wants to pay with Western Union. I told her it was fine to bid. I figure the risk is on her if she uses WU anyway...
  10. Honestly i wouldn't do it. That really scares me that you mentioned almost all the feedback was from the same person. It doesn't cost a person anything to create an account and let it sit, bid on cheap auctions (or use an alternate id to give themselves bogus fake feedback on cheap auctions) and then sit and wait to rip someone off. But I'm so extremely paranoid of getting ripped off I freely admit I will not give new people benefit of the doubt, and for sincere buyers out there I apologize, but I cannot change my ways. A bad feeling= a bad feeling you know?:sad:
  11. Can you investigate a little more, check feedback of this same person who sold her the items, would he have fb from other newbie buyers too? If he does, something may be amiss, and I won't do business if I were you.
  12. I agree, I would take the chance.
  13. I'd pass, another offer will come along, it might be less but maybe a sure thing from a buyer with lots of 'real' positive feedback.