Should I accept returns??

  1. I've been thinking about listing a collectible Balenciaga on e-bay. In my searches, I notice that most sellers will not even consider a return. It's a nuisance to take photos, create a listing, put it up, sell, ship, worry etc., only to get it back, but still....As a buyer, I am so much more comfortable knowing I have the protection of being able to send it back.

    Have you been willing to take items back under certain, or any condition? Did it turn out to be a nightmare? Or do you think it helped sell your item?

    Has anybody offered refunds with a fee deducted? I know some on-line boutiques will accept returns and charge a hefty restocking fee. Appreciate opinions. TIA :heart:
  2. My listings say that I accept returns only if the item is materially misrepresented (ie: fake, which it won't be), or I send them the wrong item. I stick closely to that--though I admit there have been a couple of times when I did accept a return despite my own policy.

    I personally hate those "restocking fees" that some sellers use, though. I would almost rather buy from someone who says "no returns, so ask your questions now".
  3. I offer returns, only if the item is in the same condition it was sent in. I take a lot of pics to prove condition. I also use security tags as well. I have yet had to give a refund or take a return. I do make sure to list even the slightest problem with the bag. That way I cover my own backside. I don't know if this helps, but I no longer purchase from sellers who do not offer returns...
  4. Thanks Cynthia and Aemmy. I appreciate the two different viewpoints and explanations. There are definitely several sides to this issue. I think with a big ticket item, I'd rather buy from someone who says, returns are okay, even if there is a fee involved. Yet, I don't want to be driven crazy by people with buyer's remorse. They should be able to make the decision before bidding!

    I may do a count, at least on the site for Bbags, just to get a feeling for how the numbers stack up. My impression has been that very few sellers will volunteer to take a return. Those that do, mention authenticity, but it seems so odd to list that as a reason for accepting a return when the bag is absolutely authentic. Also, I've had lots of trouble finding return policy on many of the listings. I think it's some people's way of trying to avoid the issue. :rolleyes:

    Also, the horror stories on here seem to involve people demanding refunds regardless of what the sellers say on the listing.
  5. I guess my thinking on the matter is, if you know it is in fact authentic, offer a refund saying if it isn't, I will refund your money... You won't have to worry about it, because the bag is the real deal, and it puts the buyers at ease...
  6. I would only accept a return if the item was proven not to be authentic - which of course would never happen.

    I look at it this way, eBay is an auction site - not a store. I don't have the time or money for buyer's to "shop" and purchase my items on approval. If they get their item and don't like it, they can always relist it.
  7. If you accept paypal then you may have to accept returns at some point.

    I just make it simple...I accept returns only if item is not as described.

    The people who All sales final are in for a surprise when someone files a snad and get there money back.
  8. I thank you all for your help and suggestions. It does seem more than reasonable to offer to refund only if the item is not authentic. Especially if we are putting tons of clear description and photos.

    But I agree with you, 4thluvof-it, I bet eBay tends to side with a nad claim no matter what we put in our listing. aaaarrrggh. Probably best defense is lots of photos, maybe even with time stamps taken on the day of mailing! It's miserable having to be so paranoid.. :push:
  9. ITA! I've re-listed sandals that don't fit, and tossed expensive sunglasses that slid off my nose. I would never punish a seller with my mistakes. I think I deserve the same courtesy. It just isn't fair to be at the mercy of trigger happy bidders with buyer's remorse! :cursing:
  10. Unfortunately as sellers we always get the blunt end of the stick because no company really looks out for us.
    Pay Pal and other merchant account company's advocate for the buyer always.

    I can testify to that my husband and I own a small business in south Florida we also sell on e bay from time to time.

    There is no such thing as no refund policy no matter if a seller adds it to there listings or not .

    If a buyer is not happy with something they in fact have 6 months to decide if they want to keep the item or not .

    Yes they can use your beautiful authentic merchandise for up to 6 months if you refuse to refund them they will simply file a charge back with their credit card company to reclaim their money back and make up what ever dirty little lie they can think of to win.

    I know this for a fact because it has happened to me two times in the past five years thank God it does not happen very often but there are some very rude and crazy people in this world and they do it.

    Not to mention that a charge back cost approximately $30.00 to $40.00 when a claim is filed against your account.

    Some merchant account company's really work very hard for you to win the case I at that time was using a company called "Pro Pay" they did nothing for me in fact the two buyers that filed these claims not only won their claims I was charge and additional $30.00 for the filing of the claim and they kept my merchandise too.:cursing:
    This was one of the most hurtful times for me Two authentic bags valued at close to $1.600.00 plus claim cost.:crybaby:Not very fair needless to say I was very upset.

    Pro Pay did not get involved as far as saying that the customer has provided a tracking number for the return of the merchandise they did nothing but refund so anyone if ever looking for a merchant account steer far away as you can from Pro Pay.

    I do not like or trust Pay Pal because you hear way to many stories of peoples accounts being frozen and holding their money hostage for as long as 180 days and people having to hire a Lawyer just to get what is rightfully theirs I feel no one should have a right to your money but you.
    All though I will at least say for them that the customer / buyer has to provide a tracking number back to you before they refund the customer and if they do not pay pal will drop the buyers complaint I don't know how a charge back works with Pay Pal thank God I will never have to find out.

    I have to honestly say bottom line as much as we all hate buyers/customers with buyers remorse and as much as we hate to to do it.

    It is always best to work with the buyer and kill them with kindness even if it means issuing a refund at least you have a much better chance in receiving back the merchandise and hopefully in the same condition in which you sent it to them.

    Always use a security devise even if it is a plastic lock type "you" know like the kind that the police use for hand cuffs they are very cheap to buy and well worth it.

    I place these on all of the merchandise I sell if it is a handbag I lock the handles together and it says in writing if removed mark it sold.

    When a buyer wins an item for me the first thing I do is e-mail them to say thank you I will be providing your tracking number shortly.

    Please be a ware that the security devise that is on the bag it is to protect both you and me and to deter bait and switch games that often take place.

    Every item I sell either new or in mint condition and is always 100% authentic you have 5 business days to have the item authenticated should you decide to do so.

    If for any reason you are not happy with the item kindly e mail me the day that it has been received by you to arrange for a return.(I do not refund shipping cost as it is not refundable to me)

    After being burnt two times I just would rather refund right off the bat receive my item back and hopefully still receive positive feedback.

    I use to always leave feedback for the customer as soon as they paid me.

    I have stopped doing that because I had someone to rate me positive then lie and say positive experience with this seller but the bag was fake. OMG "well thanks a lot!":crybaby:

    I was so upset and hurt because I do not sell or condone the sales of fake items of any kind clothing bags etc.

    So my statement now to all buyers when it comes to feedback is receive what you leave but anyone that leaves a positive rating with a derogatory statement
    I rate Negative.

    Best of luck to everyone in their sales hopfully not to many refunds will have to occur.
    God Bless Jadore
  11. ^^ whoa, I've never heard of Pro Pay....luckily for me! Their policy leaves much to be desired. Sorry about those nasty chargebacks.
  12. if you offer a refund it needs to be sent back within 2 days of arrival and the serials must be identical. you can refund the amount after the fees were taken out and - shipping. You should not pay for the shipping back either. Its their fault they dont want it.
  13. Jadore....What a nightmare! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It may help someone here to forewarn them. The more I learn, the more I realize the time and effort necessary to protect oneself as a seller on ebay, is insane.

    From your experience, and too many others, it's not enough to assume that buyers will behave in a reasonable and fair way, or that we are protected because we are doing the right thing! If I do decide to list my beautiful bag, I will have my heart in my throat the whole time. :wondering
  14. Conni618 your most welcome by having these types of forums we can all learn from each others experiences and keep them tucked in our pockets,yes we do need to protect ourselves that's for certain.

    I know what you mean by having your heart in your throat the whole time.

    Selling should be a fun experience and for the most part is it is just that handfull of ignorent buyers from heck who are set out to make trouble from the start.

    I wish there where away to know what kind of a person you are going to be dealing with before hand,sad to say there is not.

    I now know why sellers have in their listings anyone with less than 10 positive feed back please contact me prior to bidding it at least gives the seller a chance to kind of see what that persons history is like.

    It is not a bad idea at all in fact I am thinking of adding it my self.;) ROFLMAO

    PS: I am still trying to wake up from that nightmare and so happy that has never happened to me again praise God.
    Best of Luck to everyone who sells and buys.

  15. I dont sell many bags, but I do admit that once it leaves my house that is it. I will happily take any extra pics and put as many pics in as I could. I just dont want the hassle knowing all my stuff is real.

    Luckily I am a packrat and dont sell much LOL