Should I accept money order?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a US Ebay buyer who wants to pay me via money order. Should I accept it? The purse is just about $100. Are there any possible scams behind this?

    Any input is much appreciated!
  2. I would not accept it... if something does happen ebay will not refund your money and you will be out a purse...
  3. Do not pay by money order. Pay through Paypal so you have protection...and don't use your paypal balance (if you have a balance in paypal). Pay with your CC through PP.
  4. no no no no no no...
  5. um..shes the seller here no?

    usually i'd say, accept the money order, its fine as a seller, except there has been some scams out there involving money if you do do it..tread lightly.

    ask her to get it from USPS and cash it first, before sending the purse out

    as a buyer its very risky

    for a seller, not so much
  6. Ask for a USPS (only) money order and when you've received it, cash it at the P.O. before you send the item out. The risk is with the buyer, not the seller. Send with delivery confirmation so you can prove you sent it.
  7. Is it not ok anymore to accept MOs from buyers these days? I offered a buyer a MO payment if they were interested...
  8. I think you should be ok, just make sure it is a USPS money order. Cash it first and then make sure to send it with insurance and delivery confirmation to protect yourself. Good luck!
  9. Think the rule is if they (buyer) asks to use a money order, it's OK, but you can't advertise that you take them. Ebay=Paypal and they want to make as much in fees as they can. Plus, as a buyer, you are not protected by m.o. like you are with PP.
  10. OP sorry...somehow I though you were the buyer! I had someone tell me money orders can be faked, even a US postal MO. And the thing that happened was the PO cashed it, but then weeks later it was determined to be fradulent. This happened to someone I knew from another board a few years ago, once I heard this, I have never accepted a MO ever again.
  11. i think though, accepting a USPS MO and cashing it would be the safest.. at USPS as mentioned..surely they can tell the difference between a fake MO and a MO they issue?

    but who knows :P
  12. I thought as a seller you can only accept paypal? Is this true?

  13. That is what Ebay WANTS you to think!

    As was stated earlier you may not solicit a MO as payment but if a buyer requests it you MAY accept a check or MO.

    As a seller I LOVE Postal MO customers! Less fees for Greedbay!
  14. Oh good to know. Someone just emailed me if I ship to AUstralia. Now Im scared. With everyones ebay problems.
  15. As a seller, I love USPS Money Order.