Should I accept it or return it?

  1. How dumb I was... I just found out last week that the Muse I received came
    without the lock. Lock is missing!!:shocked: Neiman said they'll inquire for a replacement part, but I have a return due date to meet. So... I asked if I can get a disocunt w/o the part if I keep the Muse. They will only give a 10% discount. Should I keep it or return it? And is it easy to get the part? Thank you all!
  2. Wow. That's really strange! The lock is a big part of the muse. I'm assuming exchanging it is not an option...or is it?
  3. gr8heart,

    I assumed that it was a return item, and someone took it apart and left it somewhere, I guess. I'm so sure those warehouse staff had obsolutely no ideas what it should look like.

    No, there is none in stock. It was a sales item.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you cannot exchange it. Maybe if you call the YSL store located closest to your area and explain that somehow the lock got misplaced and you are interested in the possibility of a replacement. I think their YSL store locations in posted on their link. Let us know the outcome!
  5. I believe I read in another thread that another tPFer needed a replacement lock and was able to get one from YSL but they charged her for it. I don't remember how much it was though, so you might want to give them a call and see if the 10% discount will cover the cost of a replacement lock and any associated shipping and handling.
  6. gr8heart,

    Do you think YSL Boutique would actually assist me with this one since I bought it from Neiman? If so, I should give it a try.

    When I first received it, it looked so empty. And I was so dumb to not noticing it at first.

    Thank you.:smile:
  7. kate79,

    That is a great idea. I'll try to call them up, and I'll come to update.

    Thank you too.:smile:
  8. I just call a YSL Boutique and asked how much would a replacement part be..
    The guy said of all the time that he has been there, he has never heard of anyone wanting to purchase one. Well, if the lock can be taken off, why wouldn't they have such information available in the store??

    Does anyone has any idea?
  9. ^^ Did you explain to him that you ordered one from NM and when it arrived the lock was missing? Or did you just ask about buying one? The SA might have been suspicious about someone just calling to buy a lock...:shrugs:
  10. kate79,

    I did. I explained the whole thing, and he said I should deal with NM's buyer.
    I told them that the bag must've been a return item, so I received it without a lock. I just wanted to know how much would it be to replace it. I don't know.. who would just buy a lock?? Anyone can get it from any other way if that person is doing a suspicious activity! I guess.

    NM's buyer:confused1: How in the world would I be get in touch with any of them? I think not. After three inquiries with NM customer service, they all stated that their buyer would email me. That never happened.
  11. I found this thread and thought of you, Sweetee. I hope you get the lock...

    Has anyone had their LOCK fall off?

    Sorry, but the link will not show's at the bottom of pg. 3)
  12. That is terrible!! How much does a replacement lock cost? I think you deserve a replacement lock and a discount for all the trouble and confusion!!
  13. gr8heart, kristabelle33

    Thank you both.:smile:

    I still have no idea as to how much a replacement lock cost, but NM said they would give me up to 25% off. But now.. where am I going to get a lock?:confused1: