Should I?! 3ct Diamond Eternity Band

Mar 28, 2007
I've been looking for an pre-loved eternity band for a long time.. pawn shops, ebay... But never really seriously.. of course never stumbling across my size helped diminish the hunt...

I now have the opportunity to get a 3ct eternity band in my size, SI2 clarity about a G/H color for $850.

I'm thinking I can't pass that up?! Can I? Trying to do comparison shopping & priced out a similar band, new, for over $5k.. does that sound right?

I plan on using it with my 3 stone engagement ring with VS1 center stone & SI1 side stones.. off the top of my head I think the color is H.

Yeah or Nay?

black jade

Aug 28, 2008
At that price, must be pawn shop or Ebay. So check first if there is a good return policy, then if there is, get it and get it diamond tested,at least, appraised if you want to spend the $$. If it doesn't test out to be diamonds, then you can return it. I'm thinking that if it does test out to be diamond, at that price, it's such a steal that if the diamonds are not exactly as represented (J or something instead of G/H) so long as they look nice (no visible inclusions, sparkly), you got a great deal.

There are lot of great deals out there right now, due to the bad economy, but I would still want to check it out. $850 is a great price for diamonds, but not for CZ or moissanite.

If it's from friend, you have to figure out how much you trust them (I'd still get it checked out, in that case, before paying). If its from the friend of a friend, I'd pass.