Should HH have a "Your Account" link on its site once you log in?

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  1. Now that the onslaught of sales is over for the time being (unless once again HH throws a curveball), I find myself scrolling through emails to check for returns, refunds, repairs and credits that I used or have coming to me. would be easier for me and perhaps others, if HH, like so many other online retailers, had a section where I could check my account history after I log in, especially since my personal experience these past few weeks consisted of checking the status of my order from the confirmation email, checking to see if the item I returned was received by checking the tracking, and emailing CS for the HH credit code, almost every time . I also have to keep a list of which credits I used and which I didn't.

    Thoughts, opinions, suggestions, comments, feedback my fellow HH :heart:ers would be welcome and appreciated please.:tup::tdown::confused1::rolleyes::smile::sad::shrugs:
  2. As a rabid online consumer, I have to say that a site without a "your account" section is not yet complete. Dispatch the nearest programmer, I say!
  3. Good idea, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm just grateful that the site doesn't go down every time a sale starts like it used to.
  4. This would be a great idea. I accidentally deleted an order confirmation email from November (oyster cloud luggage tag) that still hasn't arrived, and it would be sooo much easier to deal with this if I had a My Account.
  5. Yes.
  6. Jandelevis...although I am not a coward in the least and would have no trouble contacting the powers that be, but I am relatively new to HH.

    You have much more than the newbie aquaintance that I have.... any suggestions how to approach this or to whom we can perhaps collectively request to review and possibly implement this?

    Just based on my experience since October, because I placed quite a few orders over a relatively brief period of time, and had to return a few things based on different criteria it took me a while to figure out that HH doesn't have any method for a customer to keep track of things..nor do the always send emails that something was received, a refund was given..etc...

    For those who place one or two orders a season or a year or even during a sale or for those who place one or two orders a day...or an hour (or minute LOL) during a sale...and so really gets tedious and diffficult to keep track of things. Especially since once the order is placed:

    sometimes it isn't stated whether the item is final sale in each order..... (unless it is a featured item or so crazily discounted that I remember...I have to keep referring back to the old sale page which I print out because otherwise there is no way to track what the discount was at the nano-second I placed my order due to the constantly changing prices!)

    there isn't anywhere to track an order once its placed except for the email,

    to see if HH has received a returned item,

    to see when and if a credit has been given,

    when and if a refund has been given,

    the credit code for an HH credit (which took me a few weeks to ask CS for and which I have had to do each and every time )

    which if any credit has been applied and what if any someone has left

    when an item that was sent for repair was received and what the turnover time is going to be.

    IMHO, CS would perhaps be bombarded far less with these questions and phone calls if HH would set this up on their site, especially when their customer base expands.
  7. I definitely agree that they should have a my account section. That would help out so much when you have multiple orders.
  8. I definately think there should be one. It would be great if you could see all past orders as well and track packages through your account rather than through the confirmation email.
  9. Yes, yes, yes! Great idea, Gingey. It would be so helpful for tracking orders. Not that I plan to have multiple, overlapping orders ever again :graucho:
  10. Gingey, while I agree that a my account section should be standard on retail sites, since my bf is a programmer, I know how involved it would be to add that degree of functionality. It's totally a good idea to make the suggestion, but I wouldn't expect to see the feature in the near future unless they already have a plan in the works to get it done. It's the kind of expense they'd have to have in their yearly plan (or however businesses decide how to spend money).
  11. While I absolutely agree and would be ever so happy with an account feature, I have a suggestion. Go over to the RM sub-forum and read about customer service issues that are STILL an ongoing problem. After that, I think you'll be pleased as pie with HH. At least, that's how I felt...and someone please smack me upside the head if I ever talk about buying something directly from RM.
  12. I'm sure that somebody has conveyed this wish to Ben? I don't think it does much good here, those two (Ben and Toni) are completely swamped right about now.

    One thing to remember: However much it may seem otherwise, Hayden-Harnett is a small, small design company, totally independent. I doubt there's much room in the budget for the massive technological overhaul this would entail.

    I am happy to keep 'order' e-mails until the item I ordered arrives. Best and cheapest way to track your HH orders... I can remember when we didn't have automated shipping information available ...
  13. It would be a nice feature, but if it would involve them having to raise their prices or go "fancy" on me, I'll make do with keeping my orders in a separate email folder :smile: