Should have looked better :/

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  1. Hi all,

    So I dabble in the preloved market and purchased a preloved tote. I Have a little one so when it came in, I took a quick peak, said it's great and back in the dustbag it went until I was ready to use it. Well many months later I noticed tearing of the monogram canvas at the strap.

    Okay, so lesson learned, look closer next time:/, but does anyone have any recommendations for how to try and ensure it doesn't get worse? By any chance :/

    Thank you so much for any suggestions!
  2. What bag is it and when was it made?
    Do you have a picture?
  3. Is it a strap that can be replaced? Which bag is it?
  4. Estrela - it's not the straps - it's the monogram canvas that's cracked-

    Will try and take a photo

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  5. What's the date code?
  6. #6 Apr 9, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
    Hard to read but must be 2011 because I believe they switched to leather tag date codes in 2012 for the Estrela. This is the old model.
  7. I would honestly take it to LV. If they find it to be a flaw with the bag you may get a credit. It's definitely worth trying because it is cracking where the handle is attached. ya never know :smile: And in answering your question, i would say the only way to stop it from getting worse would be to not use the bag or put anything in it therefore nothing :sad: Good luck huni x
  8. As a last resort, I would dab a little Super Glue into the tear and then press it together for a minute til it drys. That stuff is so strong! Only do this a last resort though. I don't know if it will work and I don't know if it will cause any discoloration or anything. But if your only other option is to not use it, then it's worth a shot!
  9. It looks torn to me rather than a crack. Especially because of where it is right on the chap. Previous owner probably carried too much weight in the bag. Either use it and enjoy it, or resell it. :smile:
  10. How long ago did you purchase it?
  11. Thank you. I appreciate the advice. I think the previous owner was too rough :/
  12. Thank you!! I actually was thinking along this line also. There is flexible glue made for fabric and canvas for loctite (produces super glue). I'm thinking it may work as a last resort fix.

    Thank you for the advice! 💕
  13. I agree with you. I don't think it was the bag, I think it was the user :/

    Thank you so much for responding and the advice ;)
  14. A couple months ago. I tried buying a different one more recently, once I realized this, but that didn't work out. :/

    I really really love the bag and the style. Other than this, the bag is fine.
  15. I would take it to a cobbler. Will it be as good as new? Probably not but it might have a little more life left in it. Search the forums. I read about somebody that glued the canvas and then painted the fix. So sorry this happened to you. That should have been disclosed by the seller.