Should Hair Color Match Bag Color?

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  1. Hi, I have black hair and fair skin and I'm wondering if it's better that I stick to darker colored bags, especially black as opposed to tan or lighter colored bags?
  2. Absolutely not! I do stick to warm colors though, they are most flattering on me.
  3. I saw a woman with red hair and a bright orange bag and it looked fantastic! Unfortunately I have brown hair, and a matching brown bag doesn't look anything choose what you please
  4. there are no hair/bag rules, go with what you like and what you think suits you. I change may hair colour monthly from red to plum to chocolate to black and back again, but there isn't a bag in my collection that I wouldn't use with any of the colours I choose for my hair
  5. whaaat! i don't think it matters! what about the blue & green bags? :P
  6. i hope not! if so, i dont need 95% of my bags.
  7. The thought has never even crossed my mind!
  8. All I care about is that my bags match my underwear. That's about it on that subject.
  9. Hm..I never thought of that. I thinks its whatever bag: style, color, size etc. .if you like it, go for it. I don't think hair color matters.
  10. Of course not, you can wear whatever you like, if you have dark hair you can rock bold colors. I follow the rule of hair only for fur coats.
  11. Handbag colors should compliment your outfit...your clothing should compliment your complexion...
  12. No way.
  13. lol no
  14. WHAT?! no.

    If that were to happen then we would have to match our clothes as well...
  15. LOLZ, no.