Should every purse-ista own a piece of LV luggage?

  1. I have my own little collection going of LV and other highend bags going but it never really crossed my mind until lately that I need a piece of LV luggage. Maybe a keepall? Do you think that like the Speedy...a piece of LV luggage would be a staple?
  2. Yes! I want a Monogram Carryall, I love the shape and the size is just right. A dream would be a trunk, but there's no way I could send it into baggage because of the way they treat (or mistreat :rant:) the luggage. I could only use it on a private jet (which I do not have..yet!) with it right beside me. :supacool:
  3. Yep! Speedy's make a good carry on. I used mine when I went to Hawaii.
  4. Speedys are kinda small for luggage no? I would love a keepall.
  5. me too a keepall is definitely on my list!
  6. oh yeah - totally a KEEPALL would be wonderful for travel!!!
  7. The keepall was my second LV purchase and probably the most useful one. It's perfect for both short trips and long and if I plan to do a lot of shopping I pack it inside the pegase 70 as an extra bag. Fits perfectly.
  8. For some reason I'm not a huge fan of Vuitton luggage. I have a keepall that I regret buying. I find other types of luggage to suit my needs better than Vuitton, so no, I don't really think its a staple. I don't think every purse-ista should own a piece of Vuitton luggage. Now Tumi, or American Tourister, or even Samsonite on the other hand are nice. Vuitton luggage tends to be too small for me. NOt to mention that I would never check it at the airport because it would probably get stolen or damaged.
  9. It all depends if you like the style and you think it's practical for you. I have a Keepall and I barely use it because it becomes a bit heavy to carry once you put your toiletries and shoes in the bag. I think it's good just for an overnighter or light carry on the plane.

    I realized that I prefer the Samsonite trolley as I can just roll it and bump anywhere.
  10. I REALLY want a Keepall.......BADLY......
  11. i wouldn't want to have a keepall put in the plane baggage! they throw and throw your bag here and there, and i hate to be a freak girl who screams around and got all panicky.
    but if you decided to carry it with you, it's okay :P
  12. To be honest, after seeing what they can do to heavy duty plastic/metal (an antique Samsonite that weighed a ton), I wouldn't be too keen to have any luggage that can be damaged, other than a carry-on.

    I'm not particularly attracted to LV so if I had the means to do so, I'd get Goyard trunks (or Hermes if I hit the motherlode somehow).
  13. :yes: I would never check-in LV luggage (too worried about theft/damage). When I travel I always try to stick to a carryon. IF I ever manage to get my hands on a Keepall it will be for carryon only.
  14. Same here. i would only get the 50 maybe 55 just to use for carryon. No way would I use it for check in!
  15. I have a Speedy 40 and I'm satisfied with that.