Should Ebay ban the 1 cent sale?

  1. I mean, All those stupid 1 cent sales do is allow someone to build postive Feedback quickly--but the FB isn't a true representation of the buyer's character or history and let's face it--most 1 cent-ers are using those postive Fbs to boost their Fb rating so they can scam us honest buyers. I honestly do not know why Ebay allows 1 cent sales.:confused1: Can anyone shed any light on this subject?
  2. Because Ebay is making a killing off of those and they don't care. There's nothing illegal about the transactions to make them stop.
  3. Do you mean ban the penny BIN sales or sales starting with a penny? I would say banning the first would be a good idea, but then...what stops someone from taking advantage of a 2, 3, 4...penny sale? It sucks, but I don't think they'll get rid of it.
  4. It's also a scam because the real price is in the SHIPPING.
    But don't get me started on shipping and 'handling'

    In all my time on Ebay I've only ever had someone charge real shipping twice!

    The 1 cent ticks me off. I make italian charms (which are like $2 - $5) and I only ever charge shipping. But if someone else charges 1 cent for the charm and then $3 for the shipping - it LOOKS like it's cheaper and it attracts more people.:cursing:
  5. I agree about the shipping is totally shady. I think it is a bunch of jive how people use these to get feedback as well. I do not see how ebay makes that much money from them. What do they make from a 1 cent auction? I have never sold anything less than 20 or 30 bucks, I don't think...
  6. Hi,
    I might be completely wrong in this situation b/c I have never gotten a Flyer or advertisement for a 1cent day, except for the 1 cent Listing days...

    These days are created so the seller can add a bunch of items and not have to pay $6 or $7 a listing....I have, I think 23 or 24 auctions running right now and on a regular day it would cost me over $138 JUST to get the auctions up...that DOES NOT include the FEES at the end of the auction. If it were a Penny Day...I would spend $.23 cents plus about $8.05 for adding the Gallery picture!:P

    Those days HELP ALOT! So, it would be $138 vs. a penny day's $8.28 and I get all the same listings and auctions!

    I hope this helps...most people think that sellers just gauge people with their prices, but you have to realize how much eBay and Paypal take out of each almost makes it not worth it unless it's a GREAT sale bag...or an impossible bag to get!!

    And instead on 1 cent...that's my 2cents!! LOL...
  7. YES!! All those scammy ebooks and 1 cent stuff....not worth it. But ebay doesn't care at all...
  8. I don't think so. There is one seller I was buying from quite often handmadeinitaly-all their actions(well, almost all) started with $0.99 and their items are authentic+fast shipping by DHL/FedEX. My best purchase from them-YSL spectators about 4 years ago for like $90(because start price was 0.99) when RP was more than $500 and it was impossible to find them anywhere anyway.
  9. Not a low start price - but some things are 1 cent - buy it now!
  10. :yes: I see...I understand how much it costs sellers normally, but what I had not realized, was that those 1 cent starting bid auctions could make much money for ebay. I guess now it makes more sense, and it also makes sense what makes it so easy for someone to list hundreds of things just for the sake of feedback. If they were having that kind of listing special, I guess it would not cost much at all comapred to the money to be made on a scam.
  11. Actually Kristy I was referring to the 1 cent BIN ebook and recipe sales. Scummy scammer wants to build a positive Feedback rating buys 25-100 of these, spending all of twenty-five cents to one dollar, then posts auctions of fake merchandise.
  12. my half brother sells sneakers on ebay and on a few other sneaker sites. In order to circumvent the high ebay and paypal fees, he will arrange for the shoes to be sold and then relist the auction as a 1 cent auction and in the title say it is a private transcaction between him and the buyer. The buyer pays the penny to my brother via paypal and later sends him the real price via paypal. the second payment isn't subject to paypal's high fees since it is treated as a normal transfer between two people. My brother also is able to get the feedback.

    In this instance, I don't think it is wrong to have a one cent auction.
  13. LOL Don't get me started on that one, either. I would really like to see eBay put in some sort of regulations in this regard. I don't know how many times I have clicked on something to look at it, and discovered that while the price might be a few dollars, the seller wanted to cahrge up to $80, even over $100 to ship it!

    I can certainly understand that especially when buying something from a seller who lives halfway around the world, one should expect to pay a higher shipping charge than if the seller lives in the same country as the buyer, and having been a seller a few times myself, I know that packing something up, etc. takes time, and work, and frequently money, to purchase packing materials, etc. so if people want to add on a reasonable handling fee, that is understandable.

    However, these ridiculously high shipping fees that are frequently buried in acres of small print are CLEARLY designed to take advantage of buyers who may be in a hurry, new to eBay and less sophisticated about what to look for before clicking Buy or bid, etc, and while I will be the first to say that yes, everyone should always read all that fine print carefully, and if the shipping is not clearly stated, then email the seller and obtain an email from them clearly stating what the total cost of shipping and handling would be BEFORE committing yourself. But people are human, and not everybody is as savvy and wily and cautious and thorough as they should be, and those are the people who are being preyed on, and I would really like to see eBay oblige them to go prey somewhere else!
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. That's cool as long as the buyer and seller mutually agree and there is an actual sale.
    If Ebay finds out though they would ban him - it's against 'the rules' - whatevah!