should eBay add this service?


Sep 11, 2006
So far there are a lot of trusting issue involves buyer/seller. Seller can claim buyer switching the item. Buyer can claim seller not sending the same item as listed. I am sick of it. Unless you taped the whole process from packing to the post office, you can't prove your innocent, oh wait, buyer can still claim that you edit the tape. Same goes with seller, unless buyer opened the package right in front of mail man. My point is to avoid scam.

Why doesn't eBay add this service to get them more money, that is instead of shipping directly to the buyer, seller will send the item to them, they tag the item using their own tag, and ship it to the buyer. They don't have to verify authenticity or anything, just tag the item, so that the buyer can't do anything w/ the tag, or claim that the seller tricks them with the broken tag. This is for both seller and buyer's protection. Same way for returning the item.

It will cost more, but at least it's an option for seller, so for high end item, as a seller, I would have a peace of mind. The world has changed so bad that we can't trust anyone anymore. Sad. I'd rather pay more out of my pocket to avoid buyer's remorse. Don't buyer like this service as well?


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Apr 8, 2007
yes, i dont know if it is owned by ebay but there's like a local store where they will accept your stuff and list it up for ya...something like that. never tried but i've seen ads of it


Mar 24, 2007
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That would work but the shipping costs would double, and there would have to be a fee for the service as well. What if the company doing the tagging had some issues? Maybe they would swap items as well?

I have never had a bait and switch or a return which was a different bag. Are these rumors/worries or has anyone actually experienced something such as this?
Nov 20, 2007
Good idea but I think it might be costly to implement, e.g. memory space to upload data. I think ebay should have the decency to permanently ban such fraudulent customers, or prevent them from doing any chargebacks, opening disputes and claims.


Sep 11, 2006
How about we all get together and found a company doing just that... hahahaha...
Sellers, send your items to me, all I do is to add my fingerprint on it, and you are safe to go :smile:

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Sep 22, 2007
How about we all get together and found a company doing just that... hahahaha...
Sellers, send your items to me, all I do is to add my fingerprint on it, and you are safe to go :smile:
What a sweetie you are. I know you have been worried all weekend about your nutty buyer and your items reaching their destination. Fingers crossed you will have loads of good luck this week...:hugs:


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Aug 24, 2007
Companies exist that offer that service, just look it up under escrow services transactions.

I think though that when someone is out to scam though they'll find a way to beat the system. Shoot, the will even blame the escrow co. for mixing up or switching the items. These are just people who are career criminals and they'll do same to anyone or any company as long as they know they can get away it.
Nov 16, 2007
I don't think it would be good for eBay to become an escrow company as well.

I'm an escrow officer in my "real life", and we exist because we are a neutral third party, and are disinterested in the representation of either party involved in a transaction. For example, if a real estate agent performed the escrow, there would be a conflict of interest, as when a deal closes, they make commission (plus they typically represent only one side of the transaction). In this case, eBay shouldn't be tied as the escrow company, as well.

Escrow itself is a beautiful thing, keeps things very fair in the trading community, and I honestly wouldn't mind using a company that could be very efficient and not make my buyers wait weeks for a package.

OP, I really agree with your point, though. There needs to be extra insurance should someone do a bait and switch or claim they never received the item. A neutral third party tagging the item.

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Sep 5, 2007
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Great idea OP, but can you imagine the people eBay would hire to do the shipping? What litmus test would they have to pass to get the position?

I know someone (former boss' former boyfriend) that worked at Saks in shipping and now he works as Bloomies shipping manager - you would not believe the fraud!