Should credits for pics/articles be required?

  1. I may be the only one but everytime I browse PF and I come across articles/pictures being taken from their original site without credit, I get a bit irritated. :cursing:

    Looking at this from the author's point of view... how would you like it if your pictures/words were taken without your permission? True, the OP's intention is not to claim the work of the author's as his/her own but then credit is also not given to the author for the work that was taken.

    I also see this as some sort of copyright infringement and the PF could be in trouble in the future because of this (but I know nothing about the laws regarding copyrights so feel free to educate me on this matter :yes: ). Browsing through major news site, it says on the bottom of articles something along the lines "All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed." (this was taken from

    thoughts? :idea:
  2. We just got done going over copyright laws, etc., in a class that I am taking, so I have been wondering this lately, also.
  3. ^ phew, glad I'm not the only one!

    I know I've caught myself not crediting pictures but I definitely try to everytime I post a picture or an article.
  4. I wonder too... Plus I don't get why people just copy/paste articles from other sites, with no opinion of their own or anything. I could have 5,000 posts if I did that too, but imagine what the board would look like.
  5. In the case of pictures, unless the person has taken them and hosted them on a different site, the credit will be there, it might not be immediately visible to all browsers but if you go to Macy's website and post a picture of a shirt here, then I will be able to right click and see properties, or copy the link and paste it into a new browser window, lots of ways, in fact, it will be impossible for you to keep me from knowing it is Macy's picture - unless you download it first and then upload it to photobucket and THEN post it here!

    Aside from that, in terms of people posting a picture of a handbag saying oh I like this, wouldn't that come under Fair Use? Then add to that the fact that the poster is not doing it for financial gain, or saying that THEY took the picture of the handbag, so don't you want to hire them to take photos of your wedding etc.

    I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night but I would speculate that just about any store would be more than delighted for someone to post their pictures here, because it gets a lot of traffic by people who buy a lot of things, and you know how stores love people who buy things :P
  6. ^ I agree. :yes: It's free advertising.

    Unless something is erroneously claimed to be a member's own work, or something libelous/slanderous is written/said about a company, I can't imagine that they'd have a problem.
  7. :yes:
  8. ShimmaPuff - yes, that's true about the right-clinking, copy-pasting thing but what if the picture isn't from a big site like macys, target, etc. What if the picture being taken is one's own personal album like photobucket or picturetrail? I'll use my ebay example again, when a seller steals another person's pictures, the credit isn't there. No one should have to right click on every single picture to find out where it was originally from.

    Also that's a good point about the free advertising but why is it that major department stores don't want you taking pictures inside the store? Copyright issues.


    chloehandbags - I definitely see the point you're making! However I would be pretty PO'd if an article I wrote was being copy/pasted from somewhere that was given permission to publish the article to a place that wasnt. Isnt that the whole point of copyrights? Some places bought the article (or paid the author) for the opportunity to publish what they believe is a good piece, others are reaping off the publisher by copying that article onto a place where it wasnt intended.

    Looking at it from a computer programmer's standpoint, they would be making no money if others were just going to copy their program and pass it around.


    This doesn't apply to everyone on the board but why do OPs find it necessary to ignore a member's question about where the article is from? They're not trying to take credit but they don't want to source their resources when asked... :confused1:
  9. For some reason I read this thread and responses and it seems personal. That is my gut feeling especially by the last post Take anything person off public boards to PM please. :shrugs:

    Lastly, we do not have a rule about crediting sources etc. Vlad and I can talk about that- but for many articles if you just search google for a portion of it, it will come up right there on the internet.
  10. I don't want to be doing anything wrong. The other day I posted a link to an article on purses in the Chicago Sun-Times, and mentioned the paper's name in the title of my thread. Should I have done it differently?
  11. Not personal for me, I just have issues with image leeching (It's horrible here) and plagiarism. But if you don't care, then I don't care :smile:
  12. Megs - I think everything else aside from the last post was relevant to the board and not personal.

    Also I see the point about google but if this was a college paper and you (not you-you but just in general) took stuff from other sources without citing and the professor found out, "you can look it up on google" is not a valid excuse or reference.

    I love this board and I just dont want to see it in trouble because of something that takes less than a minute to do.

    boxermom - this had nothing to do with your post so don't take it personal :flowers: But your thread is a perfect example of what I mean, the paper is credited whether it is in the title or the body.

    Darwin - ita with everything you said. nice and simple!
  13. All the copyright laws, etc., just get so complicated(imo), so I just don't do anything that I doubt could turn into something.
  14. ^ i definitely agree about the copyright laws. what are you majoring in? or what class is this? sounds like a class i would be interested in for a GE.
  15. Image leeching and hotlinking are really not a good practice and I didn't think this thread was about that?? :confused1: We have never wanted that here because when people hotlink the pictures from the blog it REALLY bothers us and we use hotlink protection because of that.

    Plagiarism refers more to scholarly activites IMO. Copy pasting a story is not an issue at all. Vlad is going to make an announcement about citing sources.