Should countires give to poor countries or not?

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  1. Read this first (please)

    What do you guys think? I discussed this topic the other day with a friend and we both discagreed. I told her I would post it up here for additional views.

    My friend would contend that the leaders of a country are elected to act in the interests in the citizens of that country. Any 'aid' given to other countries are justifiably given through donations (She does in fact donate to Unicef so she is not just holding a selfish view).

    My opinion in essence is that rucher countries ought to donate and have a moral obligation to do so. The other week people marked the 200 year end to slavery, yet people in poor countries work for 8 cents an hour! What has changed? Just because they are forced to consent to the work? Does this mean things have 'really' changed? Following on from this (I say) it follows that, if you accept people are glad slavery has ended, then the governments in power ought to actually make efforts to end such grave injustices and donate more money.

    To assist in the cause ...............

    Who is right?

    (Thank you friends)

  2. I personally feel that human beings should help one another out however they reasonably can.
  3. ^ well said

    actually, i had similar conversations with a friend at uni from an african country, and she said she felt donations would be put to better use if they were used to enable the countries to manage themselves, but in fact that by and large there is no interest to do so by large industrialised nations. i couldn't really comment on that because i have no personal experience

    she absolutely acknowledged that the money disappears in the wrong channels within the nations....
  4. I feel that tax dollars should go to serving the countries that they are collected from first (since all countries have people that need it). I feel that aid to other countries should come voluntary through donations. I like to be able to choose where my money goes to, and not have the government force me to give money to countries of their choices. That being said, I believe in donating to less fortunate countries through my own choice.
  5. My views as well, unfortunately....corruption, civil wars in African countries. Big countries serving their own interests first in those countries, while the poor population embarks towards Europe hoping for a better life, and end up stocked for years at the border too scared to return, or if they get to Spain or France they end up parked in ghettos, living in terrible conditions....
    It´s up to our gouvernments to do something.
  6. I guess it depends on what kind of future people in rich countries want for their children.

    Thanks to technology, we are a global village now, we are all interdpendent, and the last few hundred years - well, at the risk of touching on what some may view as a political issue, though I view it as a moral one that transcends politics, deep though the scars of colonialism, and raw as the fresh wounds of neo-colonialism may be in the Majority World, it is in fact that Majority World who will decide the future of the few hands who at present, hold the lion's share of resources.

    The fate of aggressors, military, economic or otherwise, is delivered into the hands of their victims.
  7. Of course we should! Ultimately we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. We may be divided by oceans, cultures, religions, languages but none of that matters in the end. We are truly ONE in the world. We are all here together. We should help one another and it's the duty of the wealthier countries to provide for these third world countries---particularly since the policies from the wealthier countries are the reasons why the third world countries are in such bad condition.
  8. Well, this is a lot easier said than done. We have countries who's government is so intertwined with religion (and I'm not talking about the US! ;) ) to where they're policies are simply incompatible with ours or other 1st world nations. Also, certain regions will probably never be a viable location for any sort of production to to climate and geographical characteristics. Then we have the socio-economic systems to where charity would only hurt the situation....corrupt governments...the list goes on.

    It's very complex, which is why for the most part, I think we should probably stick to making our country function properly first, and we all know that's not happening right now.
  9. I think that it is fine to say that we should put it towards making our country better first, but like Charles mentioned, that is not going to happen anytime soon. There are different degrees of need. And people in other countries are without basic necessities including food and clean water. They cannot survive as it is without donations and money coming into the country, regardless of corrupt governments. We, as richer countries will never have to face that ourselves, so perhaps there is less sypmathy as we ourselves have never gone without food, clean water, medication, a decent clean place to live, etc. Our Country has set up within the system a way to take care of us if we lose a job, go bankrupt, or whatever while its just too bad for Africans for example who basically are left to starve and die because of it. So yes we absolutely should give to other countries.
  10. I wish to submit an humble and heartfelt plea to the management to please, please lock this thread, because my iron will is a bit diminished today, and though I am trying hard to sit on my fingers, I can feel them slipping, slipping, and it is time for me to take yet MORE pills, and we all know the torrents of words THAT means, so please, lock it, lock it so tight that not even a twelve year old in Marrakesh can hack the lock, because I know some, and today....just please lock it. Thank you.
  11. ^^ OT: Shimapuff I've read some of your posts on the board and I just love the way you write! Are you a writer? You must be! If not, you should be. You have such a way with words.
  12. Shimmapuff, if it's something I have said to offend you, or perhaps my ignorance as to what goes on in this country...and maybe I should not have made such a generalization that it NEVER happens here, then I should apologise, but please feel free to correct or add any imput that you have on the topic!! Don't hold back! :heart:
  13. Well, I think she's trying to say that there are people here who are without basic needs too.

    And don't lock this thread! So far it's been an intelligent discussion. Hopefully we can go back and forth and learn a few things as this is an important matter.
  14. Agreed. A lot of people believe that a simple dole by richer countries will solve complex historical and social problems in poorer countries. They don't realize that some kinds of ongoing aid may even be more hurtful than helpful. That's a horrible mistake. I believe in charity, and I give myself, but I don't believe that richer companies are obligated to donate to poorer ones. With judgment, aid is great and may even help to temporarily stabilize an area, but it's not an obligation.
  15. ^^ I agree Charles! I don't think the thread should be locked at this point. The discussion was going well.

    I also agree that Shima was probably going to say that there are people here without basic necessities as well. I agree there are..I went to Mississippi on business once and I had tears in my eye as we were driving through some places there. It's as if time left some of those people behind. I was humbled.
    I think those of us who are fortunate can easily forget that life is much more difficult for most people in the world and even within the U.S. It's very easy to see when you travel (in and out of the U.S.for certain).

    Also ultimately what affects others in the world will affect us all. It's not just 'their''s all of our problem.