Should Chanel cover the shipping costs?

Should Chanel cover the costs?

  • Chanel should pay

  • I should pay myself

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Mai Britt

Oct 13, 2006
I am going to ship my white baby cabas back to Germany from Denmark, because the Chanel store in Denmark gave me very bad CS and the options were horrible..

The Store in hamburg were kind and offered to see if there is another bag in europe they can exchange my bag for, or get it fixed locally or as a final thing get it shipped to paris and have it fixed within 4 weeks.

Since I don't have the money to buy planetickets to another country, to get in the store myself the best option is to ship it and UPS wants about 300 dollars for this shipment..

I am sending it back because I had it for 5 days and some of the stitches has come undone..

Should Chanel Germany pay for the shipping costs? or should I do it, since I 'choose' not to get it fixed in Denmark?

EDIT: The bag were bought in Germany .. but my closest store is in Denmark ..


Aug 1, 2006
God what a nightmare for you... U should have Germany contact the head office in Paris rearding this problem. I would argue that they should incur the costs or have it shipped directly from the chanel Boutique in denmark back to headoffice Paris for repair/echange or refund. Good Luck - Hope it works out.


Working Canvas
Aug 2, 2006
I was just thinking about this...

I think many in the States don't realize how much shipping can be (USPS is cheap compared to everywhere else in the world) and how awkward it can be to send something back for an exchange or a repair. If I buy something inexpensive on eBay (for example), I know it is for keeps (broken or not) because return shipping would cost more than the price of the item.

I'm really annoyed with Chanel, in that you purchased a brand new bag, paid a small fortune for it and it was defective. That's their fault but you will now have to pay a lot to ship it back to them. I do think they should pay for shipping because it was not something you did, it was the result of poor quality. One of the Chanel stores, somewhere, should send it back for you. That would be my argument.

However, having shopped at Chanel, I have found their rules to be extremely strict and it may not be in the realm of possibility. They have very little leeway about anything. Everything is by the book.

I do think you should try to get this solved without paying shipping fees.


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
They should definitely pay for the shipping, why don't u take their email address and email them the pictures and talk to them about how bad THIS is for Chanel's reputation around the world.. they should pay for the shipping AND they should give you a new bag!


Jul 21, 2006
They don't cover the costs in the Norstrom Chanel I shopped at...
Similar to your situation, except mine was A BRAND NEW BAG... I found loose stitching that resulted in the bag being unable to be carried as soon as I got home, I called they said if I ship it back (my cost), they can fix or exchange it for me and send it back (their cost). And I personally thought...thats not fair, you gave me a broken bag and I have to pay for the shipping to send it back to you?!

Many stores are disappointing with the way they handle their bag imperfections, they make it as if its the customers fault (but I think when a bag is not even carried once, how on earth is it the customer's fault) Anyway, so I took it to my local Chanel and they were nice enough to fix it for me free of charge.