Should Chanel Be More Restrictive?

  1. Like Hermes?? What do you guys think???
  2. No, I dont think they should be more restrictive because that would mean that they would triple the prices:crybaby: and then personally I would not be able to buy more:yucky: !
  3. no way! Not in my opinion.
    In fact, that's what turns me off most about Hermes.

    If we're all willing to spend the same amount of money on a bag in the store, why do they feel the need to judge who can and who cannot buy the bag?

    It really annoys me! LOL! It's too controlling and nosy IMO.

    AT the end of the day, it's just a handbag, not an adoption! LMAO!
  4. No ! I could never afford them then . Hermes is ridiculously over-priced .
  5. Um, no. If I had to be put on a waitlist for every Chanel I bought (and I buy about 1-2 a month), I would be pissed. I want my Chanel bag that moment!!!

    Besides, some Chanel purses do have waitlists, some Chanels are limited edition, some Chanels you just can't get without your SA getting it for you as soon as it comes out. Soooo I think Chanel is just fine. Its not like everyone could afford Chanel, lol.
  6. ^ agreed!

    They're actually pretty hard to find around here. Nords does not carry them nor does Saks and only a few NM's here carry them and Dallas just has one Chanel boutique.
    None of these stores ever have a massive selection of bags. I think Chanel does a nice job of not over-producing.:yes:
  7. Chanel is a difficult enough brand to find. I travel over an hour to get to the nearest Chanel. If I want to go to the boutique, I travel almost an hour and a half. So I'm traveling that far for 5 minutes of shopping. I never leave with my items because they will ship them to me with no sales tax which save me money. So I leave empty handed and lost 4 hours of my life. But why do I do it?

    Because I'm worth it.

    Go Chanel!
  8. I think they are hard enough to get as is... I want 2 bags that have COMPLETELY SOLD OUT this season already.. they are not easy to come by all of the time.
  9. No way. While the prices aren't prohibitive like Hermes, Chanels aren't cheap. Plus, they make some styles in limited quanitities so you do have to be on your toes and have a good relationship with your SA to get them. It makes the "hunt" more fun and it feels great when you know you snagged a hard-to-find bag, but it's not as annoyingly exclusive as Hermes.
  10. CYPRUS: great point!!:yes:
    SWANKYMAMA: LOL. You are too funny!!:wlae:
    FR2NC1Z: me too! I want my bag NOW!:jammin:
    ELONGREACH: you sound like a commercial! LOL:lol:

    On that note, do you think that Hermes carriers are a sub-culture? They seem to have a special "connection". (BTW: this should have been an episode of Sex and the City:rolleyes: : The Hermes Sub-Culture)
  11. Definitely NOT! I would be pretty frustrated if I have to play the "game" with Chanel. It's stressful to wait for something for months not knowing whether the bag IS really coming. I want to be able to buy something as soon as I want it ...
  12. That's why I don't own any Hermes bags. I just don't think I should be kissing up the person that's supposed to be working for me. I only buy items that are already in store until I'm really ready to take that next step and get a birkin. However, I don't think that will be until I'm 50, so I've got a ways to go.
  13. I carry Hermes but I don't think I'm part of a sub-culture. Actually, if someone looks at me without a bag, I can bet you they'd be surprised to find out that I own a Hermes.
  14. I guess it can be any handbag. When I'm carrying a Chanel and see someone also carrying a Chanel, I smile. Its odd. I feel somewhat "connected" with the other Chanel carrier.

    I am so going off on tangents....:shrugs:
  15. Me too! I feel like there is some type of bond between us when I see it. Plus when the see you're carrying one too, it's like some type of kismet electric bolt that jolts between two people. It's like we were meant to meet, thanks to Chanel. :smile:

    I do the same thing whenever I see someone driving my car.