Should a woman over 40 wear a monogram LV?

  1. Hello all, I am new to the forum and have a question. I am 45 and love LV mongram bags. I do not have any, but have always wanted one. Now that I have the funds to purchase a LV I feel I'm too old to carry the bag. What do you ladies think, and which bag should be my first? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I do not think LV monogram has an age limit! I have seen women well over 45 carry them and look very sophisticated. I am very fond of the speedy or the trouville. The Alma also looks very sophisticated as well!
  3. my mom just turned 49, and she still carries her Monogram bags. in fact, for her birthday last year, my dad got her the Monogram Mizi. i think the Monogram is for all ages :yes:.
  4. Age is nothing but a number. Don't let anything stop you from buying something you love.
  5. Why not??? I think LV is pretty much for all ages...well, maybe I'd say for 16+ because I wouldn't really like seeing 10-year olds carry LV (sorry if this offends anyone, it's just my opinion). Anyways! I think after you're mature enough to carry LV, there is no limit!
  6. Oh my goodness! Monogram is for everyone, every age. As a matter of fact, many younger girls think that monogram is more for the "older" crowd. And to be brutally honest......and this may seem shallow.....when I see a woman over 40 carrying a monogram LV, I am less likely to wonder if it is fake or real. I guess my assumption is that someone of that age has established themselves enough to afford the real thing. And besides, 45 is certainly NOT old! I'm 30 myself.

    You should get exactly what you want and not worry about age. LV is timeless.
  7. I agree with everyone here, there's no age limit to own an LV.
  8. monogram is timeless. we can enjoy it at any age and always look elegant! go for it!
  9. Classic style knows no age limit- Go for it....
  10. I'm 42 and I have two monogram bags. I see plenty of women the same age or older in the LV store. I wouldn't even give it a second thought.
  11. Too old for mono??? No way!
    I'm older than you...and I have a noe and trouville in constant rotation. LV mono is timeless and classic.
    Go for it!
  12. I agree, go for it ! LV monogram is classic and for all ages !
  13. I'm 45 and would totally consider monogram were I not so clumsy. LOL

    Remember age is all about your mind set; buy the bag and feel wonderful carrying it! :flowers:
  14. LV monogram is definitely for all ages. It's classy and stylish.
  15. I always thought the monogram was mature looking. When my mom saw my monogram speedy 30, she called it an old lady bag!