Should a speedy come with a lock?

  1. Thanks to all your feedback you gave me- I went to Saks today and picked up the azur speedy 30 but it does not have a lock and I am not sure if it should?
  2. yeah it def should.
  3. It should but sometimes it doesn't for one reason or another. Just go back and get one. :yes:
  4. just go back and tell them they forgot to give it to you.

    i never use my lock but i would still want it.
  5. Definitely go and get it! The locks don't come on the bags - the SAs have to put them on and sometimes they forget. I love how the lock gives the bag a certain charm!
  6. You are supposed to get a lock and 2 keys. Go back and get it.
  7. yup
  8. yes... go back to the store and let them know you havent got one with your purchase :tup: