Should A Serious Boyfriend Have A Financial Commitment ?

  1. What financial commitment ( if any) should a serious boyfriend have to your children, if the biological father is out of the picture ?

  2. not sure of the question..but none.Why should he have financial committment?unless you are married...?
  3. have to agree he is not the father ! if he wants to buy them something or whatever it is fine but it should not be expected
  4. None. It's nice if they want to do stuff for them, but they should feel no obligation. Hypothetically, they are my kids (I don't have any currently).
  5. None unless he wants to. Until he's married to the woman, the child is not his son/daughter.
  6. ^ I agree w/ everyone.

    A BOYFRIEND has no committment or obligation unless they MARRY IMO.
  7. I think it depends upon his commitment to the mother.

    My son's father was not contributing at all when my son was in college and my boyfriend provided a lot of the things that I could not afford (car, computer, frat dues, etc.) not because he had any obligation to my child, but he felt that his commitment to me extended to my child, if that makes sense to you all?

  8. As soon as people start sharing finances I think it's inevitable that they start sharing financial responsibility for each others children. Prior to that, none.
  9. It makes sense to me,your BF obviously cares deeply for both you & your son.You are one lucky woman indeed.

    Regarding the question,absolutely not nor should it be expected.
  10. NONE at all, unless of course ya wanna scare him away.
  11. Agree with all above- none. I don't think someone should have to pay for someone else's kid if both parents are still alive.
  12. I think its depends on the man's finances as well and any man should do something for the woman he loves children - I see that as an extension of his love for her. At the least I think he should bring them presents and take the whole family out to eat and if his finances allow it he can contribute in more ways.
  13. I think it depends on the relationship and how long the boyfriend's been in the picture...

    On a side note, I don't have kids, but I do have a cat, and the boyfriend is already feeling financially obligated to provide for her! He buys her presents and new brushes and stuff. When we go to the grocery store he always asks to see if the kitty needs anything. He doesn't even like cats, it's very sweet!
  14. That's so cute!!! :nuts:
  15. Now THAT is adorable. He sounds like a keeper. :smile: