shoui i do it?

  1. hi all the lovely tpf-ers
    i absolutely love bbags and currently own 2 pieces (a first and a day-coming a city)
    the question i keep asking myself is that should i buy an inspired "bbag"
    of course it is not a FAKE
    no marking that imply it is BALENCIAGA bag
    it is a Travel size

    i love Bbag style but i cant spend too much on a bag that i will use like 2-3 times a year

    i'm sure i only need it for travel-
    the size is too big for everyday use
    i', 90bls and 5ft

    so please advice if it is against the SPIRIT of a Bbag's lover

    wrong spelling for the heading --you know what i meant
  2. Hi Yorkie:

    Yes, it would be very much against the spirit. Regardless of what they call it, a fake is a fake. If they call it "inspired by" or a "replica"'s still a fake and something that we all ABHOR and work very hard to avoid. One of the great things about The Purse Forum is that everyone works together to try and protect each other againist fakes.

    If you don't want to or can't spend the money on a new bag, you can always look for a "previously loved" bag and post your photos on this thread:

    and, BEFORE YOU PURCHASE IT, have the Balenciaga Purse Forum "experts" take a look at it and give you their opinion on its authenticity.

    It's really good that you asked this question, too, because we really, really work hard to avoid all bags like that one.

    Best of luck in finding an authentic Weekender in your price range! :yes:

  3. STEP AWAY FROM THE FAKE! If you need a bag for travel, there are so many other options, especially if you'll only need it a few times a year.
  4. thanks, i guess i didnt know it is fake no matter what
    so, No for that
  5. We shouldn't buy from these fakers. It just promotes everything we're against....and besides that would make us fakers too! :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  6. No no no!!! So many counterfeit bags are made using child labor. Also, the proceeds from counterfeit merchandise go to support organized crime and terror syndicates. Please, please consider other options before buying a fake bag!
  7. My honest opinion is simply like this, the weekender listed on the auction cost $ 45, now my question for you, what is on earth you will get decent quality leather bag for that size for only $ 45 if it is not this crappy plastic leather. You will be wasting your $ 45 for something crappy that you will not even to touch it ever.
  8. Oh, I have to confirm
    1. I never bought fake before. Those 2 i own are 100% authentic
    2. I honestly thought this 45.00 is inspired, meant no marking or anything that indicate this is balenciaga, unless u know the style then u know it looks like bbags
    It is man made leather, blah blah
    It is like those we see at aldo, wetseal...
    I asked this because I think it would be too much if I spend 1500 for a bag I can only use 2 3 times/year
    No no fake for me
    I would not even ask if I knew it will be considered as fake no matter what

    this is the first time i consider looking for "inspired " bag like this, never own one
  9. I wouldn't buy that inspired bag just b/c if you own the real Bbag already, you wouldn't want ppl to think all your Bbags are fake too. Also $45 for a travel "leather" bag might not get you too far. Back when I didn't know too much about bags, I had an inspired First bag and it costed $150 and that thing looked like crap after a few outtings. I had no idea why. Now I know. I know that fakes support drugs and and terrorists, but for inspired bags? I'm so sure about that. Like you said places like Aldo, Target (saw a Fendi Spy lookalike there) and other big name stores make inspired bags too. But even so, you will get what you pay for. If you post about what you're looking for, perhaps us Tpfers can help you find a great travel bag to suit your needs :yes:.

    Btw, I love Yorkies too :smile:
  10. thanks for all opinions
    yeah, i think 55 (include shipping) could be too much for a man made leather - lol -- but love the style

    i came up with this idea because i saw so many "look alike" are being sold at Aldo... so i thought it is legal

    but of course, i asked because i dont want to break my spirit of bbag

    your are so right, they would think my others are fake too :cursing::tdown:

    maybe i'm the only one who think " look alike" is ok to buy

    to those who like me--- i hope this thread help
  11. It's easy to see the price and press bid. Certain things-u can't beat the real thang. Glad u did not bid and u are at the right place to check. This forum has saved me from many so called "Authentic" bags out there. Have patience u will find that one u crave
  12. To me an "inspired" bag is something that looks similar (i.e. smilar leather type, or similar buckles) to the original, but not identical. This purse on the link is identical to Balenciaga, hence it's a FAKE, eventhough it doesn't have B's name on it. Don't waste your money on this purse. Get something else that is not a carbon copy.