Shoud I......?

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  1. Man! I have got to get off of this board- causing me to want all sort of new things! Bad bad bad.

    In the process of reading tons of posts & looking at pics, I am contemplating selling my Damier Ebene Speedy 25 and buying a used Damier Ebene Speedy 30. Just to have a little more space.

    I am 5'7" & size 8.


    Hoping if I sell the 25 & buy used 30 that it wouldn't cost me too much?
  2. I agree. Get the 30 and sell that itty bitty bag!
  3. Or.....I could try to purchase a used 30 Mono that already has a nice dark patina. They are a pretty good price on eBay. And keep the 25 Damier?
  4. I love the idea of buying the new Ebene Speedy more (:
  5. Regardless of what you end up buying, I support the idea of selling the 25 and going bigger. The 25 is so small and doesn't fit much. . .

    Good luck on deciding!
  6. For a workhorse bag, the 30 is a better size. I still like my mono 25 for "dressing up".
    You always lose money when you sell and "rebuy" (unless you buy preloved).
    Getting a preloved mono 30 might be a smarter way to do it, but only if you love the mono 30. If your heart is set on damier 30,then go for it!
  7. If you don't use your 25, I'll say sell it. Getting a used one doesn't cost that much, probably, $100 difference? Good luck with your decision!

    Just a gentle reminder to all members that there's no selling/buying/trading on tpf. OP, should you receive any soliciting pms, please forward to one of the mod. Thank you!
  8. you should=)
  9. yep, get the 30
  10. You could always get a pre-loved Damier Ebene 30, too - I see lots of them for auction. Just make sure get the items authenticated here first!
  11. sell the 25 and get the 30!!
  12. Yes I think the 30 would be perfect for you!
  13. More and more so, I am liking 30 more than 25 cos 25 looks a little too 'cute' after a while....doesn't go very well with some outfits/looks. 30 is more versatile. I hope you'll find a good used one soon! There are plenty around.
  14. Get the 30- you won't regret it. I sold off two 25's and now have three 30's. I like Mono better but if the Ebene "talks" to you more, get it!!
  15. 25 is way small IMO. 30 or 35 would be good.