Shoud I ?

  1. I'm currently eyeing on this bag and it helps that I'm actually working in Chanel. What do you think of this bag and would you actually spend your money on these babies?

    p/s the shoe is lovely too!




  2. The shoes are cute, but I really don't like the bag. But if you get a discount, and you love it, than get it.
  3. I just bought a black jumbo distressed with mm lock and bijoux the answer is


    Lucky you to be working at Chanel:nuts:. I would be broke if I worked there:lol:
  4. The sequence bag would be a very cute evening bag, and the shoes are awesome. As far as the classic, I like it better without the pearls, but it's still pretty.
  5. I really like the first bag and I like the fact the pearls are removable (to wear as a necklace). Can you tell us the size of the first bag?? TIA :smile:
  6. I don't really love the bag with the pearls on the strap (I know they're removeable), nor the hanging mirror(which I guess also comes off). I like that bag plain.

    The bag with sequins is very pretty, but I think you'd need to be a little careful with it.

    I love the shoes!
  7. lovvee the shoes!
  8. I love the sequins bag. Instead of carrying a Judith Leiber minaudiere, I'd rather have a Chanel for half its cost.
  9. I would get the shoes, not sure about the bags myself.
  10. aha i think that little mirror is just the cutest! i'd never use it, i'd keep it inside though...

    do you get a good discount? i like the bag and shoes :smile:
  11. I love the bags - the shoes are adorable, but why is there so much space in the heel?
  12. I bought the Paris / Monte Carlo Pearl Reissue and love it. :yes: Fabulous bag and as you know you can remove the extra attachments.
  13. its the size of the 2.55 not sure whats that in inches :p will check tomo for you guys!
  14. oh i randomly just try it on..its hard to walk in actually..
  15. oh yess! i do..but its painful that i have to wait for an approval at least 3 months before i can actually use it :sad: