Shoud I or shouldn't I?

  1. Please help!! I purchased a BV two days ago but now I am confused. After reading the posts of others, I am currently considering of exchanging it for a BH. Should I? The BV is perfect for me right now but I kinda find it hard getting things in & out of it since it's a little deeper than the BH.. What do you guys think? What I like most about the bag is the feeling that my things are secured since I don't really like the idea of other people peeking inside my bag.. I will post a pic for you guys to have an idea. TIA!!! :nogood:
  2. I always love the BH more than the BV
  3. I think the BV looks great on you.
  4. I think you should keep the BV... It looks great on you and I think it will keep your thing very secure.
  5. I saw a woman carrying a BV today in the mall and thought to myself, that's a great bag. LVoe it on you so I think you should keep it.
  6. You should.
    Exchange it, that is.
    I prefer the BH, easy in, easy out.
  7. The BV looks fab on you!!!:tup:
  8. I personally like the BH better, but the BV looks fab on you so I would keep it! It is really about what makes you happy and sometimes that means going against the grain!
  9. I agree :yes: but it's you carrying the bag, you should feel comfortable ;)
  10. The BV looks good on you, but if it were me I'd return it for a BH, but just b/c I'm not a fan of the BV! My hand would feel claustrophobic in there ;) Really.
  11. I love the BV.
  12. BV is going to be my next purchase--I love that it is taller than it is wide. But if you are second guessing yourself, then you should return it and get something you really like.
  13. I've had the BV since January & I absolutely love it:yahoo:. But since you seem to have doubts, go & try the BH & see if you like that better. Good Luck & congrats on your new bag.
  14. I'll prefer BH ;)
  15. Keep the bv it looks great on you.