Shoud i buy LV watch

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  1. this is the one im thinking about...ladies...please help deciding or those who already got this watch please post the pics here when u wearing it..TIA:rolleyes:

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  2. I say no to buying it cause it's very manly and plain. I love some of LV's watches and have the LE multicolore tambour. Just not liking this one.
  3. My local store doesn't carry timepieces....have you seen it , IRL?
  4. Hi I got the exact same watch but with calf leather strap. It's an elegant watch but I dont think LV watches hold their values that well.
  5. LV watches are nice looking...but in terms or value and resales..NOPE.

    You can easily get a nice dress watch or a Rolex with the same amt of money
  6. naw get the hermes watch.
  7. I have that EXACT one but the large face, I would do the large one, it isn't ALL that big either. I love it, I always get compliments on mine, its plain but its so flashy at the same time lol, it stands out, believe me!!!

    get a different color strap to make it even better!!!
  8. here is mine, its HOT! lol I LOOOOVE IT!

    I might do another strap one day, different color

    also did you know that the darker face stands for the background of the monogram and the other color face (sand) stands for the actualy monogram... like on the bags, interesting isn't it!

  9. i finally saw the tambour watch IRL last week and it looks even better than the pics at the website. i say go for it!
  10. I'd buy a rolex instead!!!
  11. I would go Rolex too but that's just because they hold the value.
    Oh, and because I love Rolex!
  12. Yeah yeah yeah!!!

  13. Why do people think the watches don't hold their value?
  14. Well...lower market demand IMO
  15. I LOVE my tambour, it is classic, timeless, understated(no one is trying to hack my wrist off for it, mainly cause they don't know what it is) and matches my LV sets, but I have other watches from more well known brands so I wear those too, don't know what else you have, and if this is your first expensive watch, but I think they are really nice, why get a Rolex like EVERYONE else in the world, be unique