shoud i buy a timeless cluth in grey?

  1. hi,,i do need your girls help me to decide...should i buy a timeless cluth in grey?

    as i already bought 3 bags in black this when i saw the timeless cluth in black just let it go....another reason i did not buy it as im a very causal girl....i couldnt think i will have chance to use a cluth....

    but yesterday...when i was in chanel put my name under the "coco crocodile" and reissue bag in purple and grey...i saw the new one just coming ....a timeless cluth in this moment there are black.white and grey..should i get the grey one?

    or just buy a black one? definitely not white...i will damage it within a week:push:

    help me....
  2. oooh grey sounds lovely. I have not seen the grey before, I would definately say go for it, as the rarer colours really pop!!!, and as you say, you have some blacks already, so be different! :biggrin:
  3. I would definitely get the grey. Grey is also a key color for this Fall/Winter too. Good luck.
  4. Agree:tup:
  5. i saw my friend's grey timeless clutch in lambskin, it looked aged and fab! i think you shld get one. i have the patent black i think it's very sexy with the gloss and it could be used anytime anywhere!

    btw, there's a REISSUE in GREY? omg? feed me more info on that, babe!

  6. :tup: I would love the Timeless clutch in gray lambskin!
  8. Lainey- the Croco are the new reissues done in jersey fabric made to "look" like croco skin.
  9. yeah, get it!! grey is new "black" color for fall/winter!!
  10. wow id LOVE to see a pic of the grey timeless clutch---sounds so amazing!!
  11. I agree - I would love to see the timeless clutch in grey - someone please post a picture!!!

    :sos: S.O.S. - P L E A S E P O S T P I C O F G R E Y C L U T C H
  12. I didn't know they have one in grey!!! That sounds fabulous..
  13. hi,,,i just went to chanel boutique ask my SA could i take a photo ...she was not allowed it to let custmer to take photo .....but she told me"come on...there is no one look at aout you just take a quick shot? " and she hold the bag for me ..i just sneak two shots//:p

    after that..i look for two reissue in dark red.and another in dark grey?..and one classic in grey.....i asked my boyfried which one looks best...he prefer the 2.55 reissued in dark red...but there are several scrach inside of the bag..and thats the only 2.55 left....

    i have no idea.....i ended up with the timeless cluth in grey lambskin...
    SA try to find a new one for me.........but she just f
    ound out...that s the last one...
    its ok for not a very care girl at all...:rolleyes: boyfried laughed at me.."why you took those two sure could take more photoes after you arrive home...." but how can i know i will buy still waiting for my "coco crocodie" in blue......what will happen if that bag coming store this will cause out of budget:confused1:

    anyway,,,i m happy now
    i will post picture later.
  14. hi,,i promise will post the they are...but its too dark
    as i m back home after 9pm...

    i will take more photoes im really just learn how to use photoshop 10mins ago.....forgive me such bad photoes

    thanks all you help ...
    照片1156-3.jpg 照片1160-1.jpg
  15. ^ wow! where did you get that from? which boutique? anyway they still have the reissue in grey? OMG. i want!

    i ordered a patent black clutch, haven't gotten it yet. i'm so bad with lambskin i think i'll never get one! xo