Shot through the heart!

  1. I emailed Seattle the other day in my quest to find an Inferno Gioco. The SA emailed me back and said they had one and they were holding it for me! So I called this morning to see if they would tell me what the placement is like, and the girl I talked to (not the same girl who emailed me) said that the Gioco on hold with my name on it was a Fumo, not an Inferno, and that they haven't had an Inferno Gioco for a long time.

    UGH. :crybaby: I want to cry..... :crybaby:

  2. how did they get that mixed up haha
  3. You'd think after working with these prints for quite a while, they'd know what is what... I'm so sorry... *biiiiiiiiiig hug*
  4. I know! If I had called, I can understand "Inferno" and "Fumo" possibly sounding the same over the phone, but I emailed them. I'm waiting for tomorrow when the first gal who emailed me back is working to make sure she's not hiding one somewhere that no one else knows about.

    OK, I'm delusional, but a girl's gotta have hope, right?? :confused1:

    Thanks for the hug. :smile:

  5. awww sooo sorry that happened SisterBlue!!!! :sad:
  6. What a bummer!! Sorry to hear that happened.
  7. Awwww!!! I'm sorry too :sad:
  8. awwwwww.... i'm so sorry that happened to you! def give them a call to see if it is hidden somewhere. good luck!
  9. You never know... Back when I got my Inferno denaro or MM (I can't remember which), Lindsey put it on hold for me and was waiting for me to give her the "okay" to chargesend it. So I called back and got another SA... Lindsey wasn't working that day. And this SA couldn't find anything on hold for me! But come to find out what had happened was Lindsey put it on hold for me somewhere where the other SA had no idea it was. So it's always possible.
  10. Sorry to hear that! I hope they find it. When they held my things at Seattle, I was told that each SA had like a cubby hole for I hope the SA that helped you knows where it is :biggrin:
  11. OMG, this is a total bummer! So sorry:cry:
  12. I saw that...and I really really really want it. Wish it had BIN so my agony won't be prolonged only to be outbid at the last moment. :push:

  13. You can email the seller and ask if he/she is willing to put a BIN for you. ;)
  14. I never thought of that... Feels a little desperate somehow, but's an Inferno Gioco with the placement I really want. :yes: